Skin redness after removing compression stocking?

Hi everyone!

I have a nagging doubt and as I don't know anyone with this condition, I'm reaching out to you to see if you can help. I'm relatively new to this condition and I'm still in the process of working my way to a proper diagnosis and will be having a lymphoscintigraphy next week. My left foot is swollen and it is primary lymphedema which started in February for no apparent reason at the age of 45.

My question is this: when I take off my knee high compression stocking and stand up, my left foot becomes red, sometimes quite red, very different from the other foot. Then if I elevate my legs, the redness on the left foot starts to fade away... so I'm guessing the redness is blood circulation increasing when I take off the stocking off, right? Is this normal? Does this happen to other people? Or is this very strange? Should I worry about my blood circulation (I have never had a problem and have no varicose veins)?

I should add that when the redness appears, I don't feel itching or tingling or heat. And I should also add that my stocking does not feel uncomfortable at all.

I would be very grateful if those of you who have leg or foot lymphedema could let me know what their experience is.

Wishing you all the very best!

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I've had lymphedema for 40 years and see this quite often, probably whenever I bother to look. It also happens when having a shower. It is probably just blood moving into the tissues after they have been compressed and the blood vessels slightly constricted. Nothing to worry about if it goes away once your limb is elevated.


Yes this is completely normal it is just congestion. You will find your leg will basically a different colour from your normal one from now on really, I do anyway.


Hi there

I've had lymphedema in my right leg since 2007 following radiation therapy after cancer surgery. I wear thigh-high compression stockings and only experience redness when the stocking digs into my ankle. That comes with some pain and itching. As you are not experiencing those symptoms, it sounds to me that it is a circulatory issue and not a lymphedema issue. Have you called your physician? You may be cutting off circulation above the foot. I pray you resolve this issue with no further concerns. be well!


This is exactly what happens to me. As soon as I take my stocking off my left foot and toes turn a bright red but as soon as I elevate it, the skin turns a normal colour again. I don't think there is anything wrong with your circulation. Did you have a doplar test before you were put in compression bandages. This would of confirmed that your circulation is fine to take compression stockings.


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