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Leg ulcer


My husband suffers from leg ulcer on his chin (caused by a little wound years ago). He is treated by a nurse but neither honey nore silver dressing or steroid cream works. I have read about fish skin treatment (Omega 3) as an option but can’t find any information where to obtain it. Has anybody any suggestions of alternative treatment please. Thank you.

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Not sure the treatment is used in the UK, but if you live here (UK) you could discuss it with the nurse - and ask for a referral to Tissue Viability. Ulcers are very stubborn, and can take months to clear up.

Does your husband have lymphoedema?

Red247 in reply to Lynora

Hello Lynora, no he has only the one ulcer. It occurred a few years ago when he knocked his leg. He did not pay much attention to it till he became aware that the wound did not heal. He had already tissue tested got antibiotics and as mentioned before silver, honey and steroid cream. Wears compression socks as well. It seems that the nurse does not have any further advise as well.

roysome in reply to Red247

Surely you avoid compression garments with an ulcer?

Lynora in reply to roysome

In most cases compression for venous ulcers is the best treatment, to help the venous ‘return’.

I had an ulcer on my leg for 2 years, which failed to heal with medical treatment, silver dressings etc. I tried oxygenated hemp oil first and then found a product, here, in New Zealand called Microdacyn hydrogel. The ulcer cleared up entirely in 6 weeks. I knew the oxygen in the hemp oil was doing the "trick" and so searched for something with similar healing properties and came upon that. It's now used by our district nurses and doctors prescribe it. Can be found in some pharmacies here. Perhaps you can find something with similar healing properties.

Red247 in reply to KruiseyKat

Hello thank you for the tip. I found the product online and could get it here (UK). My husband has an appointment tomorrow with the nurse and will suggest it. Fingers crossed.

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