Hi all, I have had a stabbing and dead pain in my right calf for 2 days has anyone else had this x

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  • If you have Lymphodema in that area I'd get it checked at your clinic, i hope its nothing serious x

  • Hi jennymary, I have bilateral full leg lymphedema x

  • Bev - Have you been checked yet? Sudden onset pain must ALWAYS be treated as urgent.

  • Hi lynora, no not yet waiting for app should be beginning of next month unless they forget about me again.

  • Bev - I meant have you had the sudden onset pain checked. If it's still ongoing, you must call 101 and get advice. Please.

  • I will see what it's like to Moro, it just feels like when you have a dead arm with a stabbing pain in calf started yesterday, what could it be x

  • Hi lynora, I'm still having problems with my leg but I rang hospice this morning they told me to see GP but rang soon after and told me to go on Friday and see my nurse.

  • I am not a doctor - but have enough experience to know that any sudden change in symptoms requires urgent medical attention. Get it checked.

  • Hi Bev, I have bilateral full leg LE and have something now and again similar to what describe but mild and short lasting (15- 30 minutes) not for 2 days. It's worrying...if it's still lingering into 3 days do call 101 or see your GP as Lynora advised!

  • Get it checked out - want to exclude DVT (blood clot). Off to the doctor today, please - or phone one of those nursing hotlines for advice.

  • It's not that bad today but if it gets any worse I will get it checked out. Thanks everyone x

  • please go to your doctor and take care

  • Hi everyone, I have just rang hospice about app and told them about the pains in my leg and they have told me I have to see my doctor about pains before I can get an app with them so it is going to be 2-3 weeks before I get app to see GP then how ever long I wait to see lymph nurse.

  • I know you will be seeing your nurse soon, but as for having to wait 2-3 weeks to see your GP - that is ridiculous. You need to ask the practice manager to flag you as an At Risk or Priority patient. If they won't, then any time you have sudden onset pain, or think you may be succumbing to acute infection, you must call 111 (not 101 - unless you want a hunky policeman on your doorstep!) - describe your symptoms and they will direct you to the nearest doctor. Let the lymphoedema nurse know about the GP appointment system too.

  • Ok, I will tell receptionist next time I am at the docs cos you can never get an app the same week I also no the practice manager as her daughter went to school with my son. I will remember to ring 111 not 101 😉

  • Morning lynora, I had my app with lymphedema nurse yesterday and mentioned the pains in my legs so she checked and got a doctor down to double check but they said it felt warmer than my left calf but couldn't feel or see anything so sent me to the hospital to get bloods done for dvt but came back normal.

    I have been suffering from a chronic lower bad back which I'm seeing musculoskeletal doctor end of next month for so it might be something to do with that or my arthritis but at least I no it's not an infection or nothing which is good.

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