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Compression sleeve


Does anyone have a red imprint of the silicon band? I have been alright for a while but it would seem that this will not fade.I have secondary lymphoedema of right arm and hand, 12 years now and this has not happened before. Thank you

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Have you tried a sleeve without the silicone band? My skin reacted badly to the silicone band (I wear 2 knee high stockings and a sleeve) and I don't have any band at the top of any of them now. They stay up perfectly well without them. Obviously everyone is different but this worked for me.

Let your clinic know, it may be time for a different product, or, as Helen says, one with no silicone band.

I used to wear a stocking with a silicone band. It was OK for a while then I got a couple of red/sore patches ; I dealt with that by inserting small bits of cotton fabric between my skin and the silicone. But then I found bigger areas of my skin were getting red and sore, especially in hot weather. My lymphoedema nurse also pointed out that the silicone band was a bit constrictive round my thigh and recommended I changed to a stocking with no border and use a special roll on glue to keep it in place. I've been doing the latter for over a year now and it suits me much better than the silicone band. I do sometimes get a bit of soreness with the glue but nothing as bad as the silicone band; after I've washed the glue off I apply a good quality aloe vera gel and my skin has remained in good condition.

The first compression sleeves I ever had (back in 1993) had a silicone band round the top. My skin reacted really badly, going bright red before my skin started to peel leaving me with raw skin! New sleeves were promptly ordered, without the silicone band & have had no trouble with sleeves staying up.

Was probably an allergic reaction to the silicone; can't have 3M Transpore tape on me as that skins me too (the clear tape that's full of small holes). Have to have a Red Band if admitted to hospital because of this allergy to 3M Transpore.

Oh my i am sorry to hear that.

I have been alright for over 10years and this is new for me, I am weird like that, I suddenly get allergies for a period of months then I am alright again .I put it down to stress/anxiety.

Hi Amelia,Yes,I get huge red itchy patches from silicon at top of my thigh high stockings

When I tried wearing the stockings inside out,so the silicon is on the outside,my skin stayed patch free!

Of course,that means I need to keep stockings up with glue,but I never found that the silicon kept them up very effectively anyway

And I think overtime,Ive become slightly less allergic to silicon

Hope you find that,like before,the itchy redness will go after a time,or give the suggestions here a try of non silicon sleeve.

Never easy is it having lympho related probz ! 🙄

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