Compression sleeve at night

I have arm lymphedema and my therapist has me wearing regular compression sleeve in the daytime and still wrap my hand because I have t yet received my compression glove. I wear a nighttime sleeve with attached mitt at night. I am coping well with daytime sleeve, but the nighttime one makes my hand and fingers swell. My question to you is do many of you just take your daytime sleeve off in the evening and wear nothing on your arm when you go to sleep? How does your arm and hand look in the morning?

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  • Juzo, who I believe operate in the US too, have a wrap garment called ACS. Several of my ladies are using this at night instead of a garment - Jobst also have a new night garment called Relax.

    However, if you find you are not having good quality sleep due to being disturbed by the compression, and your arm swelling increases dramatically, try a night without it - elevate it on spare pillows if you can, but don’t panic if you move in your sleep! Anxiety can increase swelling.

    Do you do self lymphatic drainage as part of your bedtime routine? Only needs to take three minutes, but it may be enough to stimulate the lymph to keep moving while you are resting.

  • I do als in am and pm along with belly breathing as well. Thanks again.

  • Als?

  • Oops, sld. My keyboard does what I wants

  • Ditto what Lynora said! I elevate on pillows and use the Jobst Relax night garment which is extremely different to daytime garments. I always do lots of abdo breathing and SLD before I fall asleep which I find always helps reduce nighttime discomfort

  • Thank you ladies! My nighttime garment is Jobst relax as well. It is very comfortable, but, i do have swelling on my hand and fingers in the morning.

  • Does it (the swelling) subside during waking hours when you are active?

  • Yes it does

  • Have you experimented by having a garment free night?

  • Yes and my hand looks good, bit I feel that my arm might have puffed u a bit.

  • I thought that SLD and abdominal breathing was enough to do before sleep as your lymph system can re-regulate overnight? I have not heard of the Jobst Relax sleeve though.

  • It’s a very recently introduced product. Very helpful for large oedematous arms and also easy to apply for very elderly or people with complications or disabilities.

  • Ah thanks Lynora x

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