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how many hours per day does everyone wear their compression sleeves or stockings?


I sleep with night garment but go to bed late and sometimes feel my arm will explode after wearing compression for 15-17 hours. Does anyone take a "break" for a couple hours or will it swell more in that time?

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Do you have a special ‘night’ garment or do you wear your normal compression garment at night?

You should be OK having a break while you are sleeping - trying to persevere with a garment that is causing discomfort and disturbing your sleep may be counterproductive, and exacerbate lymphoedema. Have you experimented?

I do have a night garment, but I don't spend that many hours in bed so end up wearing the day sleeves a long time. I guess everyone's different and some can leave it off several hours (or some all night) and some get return of swelling with just an hour or so out. I'm kind of afraid to experiment and there is no MD or therapist to ask about these things, as it is kind of ignored in USA unless you are rich or famous... Everyone that answered, thanks for your help (I'm new to posting and don't know etiquette yet)

Didn’t realise you are so far away from us (this site is based in London). Hopefully one of our US members will be able to point you in the direction of help and support a bit closer to home. Whereabouts are you?

I'm in So. California. I know there is a doctor/clinic in Santa Monica that actress Kathy Bates goes to for treatment but I think it would be beyond my budget to even go once a year. I did have MLD for 10 days when it first started, but the therapist wasn't certified for LE and I actually grew a bit instead of "shrinking" at end of treatment. Our "Medicare" program (insurance for seniors--we've paid into it all our working years) that I will qualify for in 2 years, does not even cover any lymphedema treatment or garments. I don't understand as it would certainly cut down on cellulitis and more expensive treatments down the road. I have only had it 3 years now and am very lucky to only be 5-10cm larger so far. I know it could be much worse.

Send an email to this address and ask for a list of support groups and info centres plus details of qualified CLTs in the state.

The therapist you saw should not have treated you if she/he was not l/e trained. :(

When dressing in the morning my knee length compression socks are the first thing I put on

At night they're the last thing I take off.

When I was in hospital two years ago with appendicitis I wasn't allowed to tale then off at all for four days.

When I was in hospital following an allergic reaction to a beta blocker I was allowed to take them off at night.

If I'm really tired I may forget to take them off before I get into bed, but if I wake up during the night ( e.g. for the loo), I take them off then.

I put the stockings on immediately on getting out of bed, and take them off when preparing to go to bed at night, as I was instructed by the initial prescribing nurse. There are occasions when I have taken them off during the day, visiting the chiropodist etc, and I can feel the swelling starting.

I wear compression (toe caps or mollelast bandaging) on my toes (right foot) plus stocking plus lymph pad (on mons pubis).

I inspect my feet and deal with any problems, then don the toe compression first thing after getting out of bed. Stocking + lymph pad go on within the next 15 minutes. I always remove the lymph pad about 6pm. Sometimes I remove the stockings between 6-8pm and replace them with an anklet; to allow my toes/foot to drain (with leg elevated), as suggested by my lymphoedema nurse. Otherwise I remove my stockings just prior to my SLD session, after which it's bed time. Toe compression comes off just before going to bed.

Like others I put on my armsleeve in the morning when my hair straighteners are heating up, and remove it when getting ready for bed. I was told by my therapist that lymph sorts itself out while we are sleeping, so sleeve not needed.

I put my stocking on before I get out of bed and it stays on till I have a shower or bath before bed. I don't do showers in the morning because that would mean taking my stocking off and then having to deal with the swelling the rest of the day. I never wear compression in bed, I wouldn't sleep.

I was told originally to wear my compression socks for say 2 hours and increase to about 12 and then to take them off for bed. After two or three reviews when the staff realised the socks were causing more discomfort than easing my complaint they told me to wear them for 23 out of 24 hours every day. Unfortunately I could do neither of these suggestions as I was in agony with them. Eventually after about 2 years I was prescribed a different strength of compression sock and these I am pleased to say are wearable. I don't know if it is the norm to prescribe the strongest and tightest of socks to see if you can wear them but I would have had far more respect for the staff had they got it right two years earlier.

Hi 2-hot! Ideally you get your advice from a CLT therapist (certified lymphedema therapist). As well as wearing your sleeves as recommended. there are other things you can do to help reduce edema (ex self massage, k-tape, elevation, mechanical pump etc).It’s also good if you can find a local support group. 2 resources that may be of use - and

love your name! I have searched these sources - have found a therapist not too far away but need a Dr.s RX for treatment and not covered by my insurance. Searched for a support group, thinking they would have lots of answers, but not much luck. That's why I joined this group-- to learn what others are being told by their docs and therapists or they've learned by trial and error. Thanks for the info.

LERN has online support chapters, and Facebook has good support groups too.😊👍 All the best with navigating the insurance mess😭.

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