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Change in my medication help needed


Further update to my leg ulcer Lymphorrhoea I am in hospital after they couldn't cure it in the community. I am starting my 4th week and they have stopped my antibiotics today to see what happens.

But last Friday someone from the pain team came to see me. She immediately gave me a panic attack because she removed the entonox from beside my bed because it shouldn't be there when she came back I was shaking from head to foot I could hardly speak and I was hyperventilating I asked her what she was doing as the nurses on the ward weren't bothered by it and I managed to tell her that I was having a panic attack could she bring it back after I asked her to leave she agreed to return it to my sight. I am only using it whilst they are redressing my legs.

We then went through my medication and she wants to change my pain medication.

I currently take fentanyl patches, tramadol, gabapentin, oramorph and she wants to switch to

Oxycodone slow release twice a day

Oxycodone 10ml every 2 hours when needed and pregablin to replace gabapentin. While researching the drugs I take a year ago I discovered that gabapentin was good for lymphoedema and lipoedema which I have. I need to know if pregablin and oxycodone are going to cause me problems with my lymphoedema and lipoedema. She is coming back tomorrow to start everything apart from the sudden switch I would like to know if anyone knows of any interactions with the new many thanks drugs

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