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Info required from anyone in the Wolverhampton area

Hi I am at present on holiday in Tenerife and suffering keeping my stockings up, the glue melts but that's what I want info on. I met a lady here and she is suffering, her ankles and feet are really swollen, hardly able to put shoes on and when she does her feet look really constructed. I asked if she had lymphoedema and she said what's that?

Her GP has prescribed water tablets and she has gone to the chemist and bought support stockings.

Does anybody in the Wolverhampton know if there is a lymphoedema department or clinics in the main hospital there?

Do hope our community can help

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There is a well respected lymphoedema service at Compton Hospice -

She may not have lymphoedema - it could be a number of things - but she should get herself checked out as soon as the holiday is over.


Thanks I have told her to go to GP but I thought the more info the better as some GP's are useless......this is experience based


I too have had water tablets given for years. Lots of GP's and hospitals don't know how to treat us.

The nurses at Compton are wonderful, went there for years for pump and multi layer bandaging. The staff are not based at Compton Hospice but a unit about a mile away. Needs to go back to her doctor and insist on a diagnosis and referal



Thanks for that I will pass on info about Crompton at least she will have a head start with the GP


Hi a lot of GPS no nothing of ld try dampening the top of your stocking

You should have been measured for correct stocking garment have you

Don't wait 5 months for appointment try west brom clinic tell your gp to fast track you don't delay


If your G P is not as well informed about Lymphoedema as you'd hope please encourage him/ her to undergo L S N's accredited training module. It is free of charge & counts towards a years training hours that need to be undertaken.


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