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Burns to my legs using a tens machine


Hi I would like some advice on what cream to put on my legs. I have burnt them using my tens machine. I had them on under my compression bandages as I had been having muscle spasms making it very difficult to stand and didn't realise what was going on due to lack of sensation until it suddenly I felt a sharp pain. The biggest blister burst as a result of removing the electrodes but I have got 3 more sites like this but most of the the blisters haven't burst.

Obviously I am keeping them covered by an adhesive wound dressing otherwise the bandages would make them a lot worse but that also means that the air isn't getting to them, to help dry them up.

I have photos of the other sites but it won't let me upload more than 1 photo


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Were you plugged into the mains????? There is a severe fault with the machine if it actually caused a burn. Please don’t use it again.

Don’t use cream. Keep the wounds dry - use sanitary pads if you have nothing else - put a light bandage over the top to hold the pads in place, and get to your GP or A&E asap to get properly checked out.

veriterc in reply to Lynora

Have you contacted La Roche Posay via their website? They are the French clinical experts in skincare, and they specialise in treating skin problems caused by burns. You should see your GP, but as someone who writes about skincare we aren't very good at dealing with skin problems - although they should be able to handle yours. Incidentally La Roche Posay make a special range especially for burns, and their clinic is where French go if they have bad burns. You can now get their stuff at better chemists in UK.

Loramay in reply to Lynora

It isn't the machines that at fault but me. I don't have any sensation on the surface of my skin but still feel pain in my leg . I was having muscle spasms due to wearing my compression bandages for 20 hours in a day on my right leg and I was trying to get that to work. I have done this before but I have only just been diagnosed with lipoedema and lymphoedema 2 years ago this April , I was measured for my bandages and heard nothing more, my bandages were delivered to my chemist and I reorder them through my gp, who is brilliant. So my gp has re referred back to the clinic as he thought that I needed to be measured again. This was before the burns. I don't want to go back to him again this week as its becoming a bit of a joke that I am in seeing him every week due to my different disabilities.

One thing that worries me is that those wounds could soon become infected. TNS should not have caused open wounds - there may be an underlying infection which requires urgent medical attention. If you don't want to see the doctor - ask to see the nurse.

I will try for an appointment for tonight. I have done this before but that was before I knew I had lipoedema and lymphoedema and wore compression bandages. I always just covered it in savlon and left it to heal on its own. I can't do that now because of wearing the bandages

Lynora in reply to Loramay

Did you see anyone yet Loramay? The wounds on your leg are not burns - but could be a reaction to the adhesive on the pads. If you use the TENS again, wear one of the pads on your forearm for an hour before attaching the machine, just to check you don't react.

Loramay in reply to Lynora

Hi Lynora I haven't seen anyone yet. I was going to put up that they are reactions to the electrodes I am allergic to latex and consequently only buy from nature's gate as I have had this problem with them before and they have latex free one's although can not guarantee that. I sometimes can wear them all day and no reaction, then put them on the next day and have a reaction. But I have never had it this bad or felt the pain as though I was being electrocuted. When I took the electrodes off all of them had blisters some which popped.

I have never had it this bad normally the blisters are about 3 to 4 mm or the pain which is why I thought I had burnt myself. The only reason I can think of is that I was wearing them under my compression bandages along with lack of sensation.

I am hoping to get an appointment with my gp tomorrow as he doesn't work Tuesdays

I just want to echo the advice above on La Roche Posay. My branch of Boots now stock many of their skin products and could possibly order in their specialist burn cream. Failing that, I have used lavender oil on burned skin but not over blister site. It is very cooling and healing.

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