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Flexitouch Plus Machine Users?

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Are there any users of this machine out there?

I have used it for a year now on my legs only. It seems as though it now pushes the fluid to my chest and stomach. Anyone else have that problem. if so what did you do for it? Humid weather is VERY miserable for me.

13 Replies
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Were you encouraged to do self massage to the abdomen while using the device on the legs? Lymphatic breathing?

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brix75 in reply to Lynora

No I was not. It sure makes sense now though. It feels like my chest is very heavy all the time now. I gained a lot of weight before I started the machine also. Now starting to gain again. Wondering if anyone else has this problem.

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This is a UK site so not many Flexitouch users here as it’s only marketed in the North America.

Irrespective of pump make, proper preparation for treatment is everything to avoid developing more lymphatic issues down the line.

Don’t start the Flexitouch without first

a) Opening up your pathways in your upper torso ie neck, arm pits

b) lymphatic breathing ie 15-20 diaphragmatic breaths

Periodically during the Flexitouch treatment do diaphragmatic breathing and again at the end 10-15 or more breaths.

Have you got a CLT to take you through how to SLD to open up pathways and do proper breathing? If not there are some good method tutorial videos on you tube. Look for tutorials presented by a properly qualified therapist i.e. CLT-LANA.

The instruction CD that comes with the Flexitouch Plus spells out the importance of preparing for treatment with Diaphragmatic breathing. A good CLT will also highlight preparation by opening up pathways etc to avoid lymph drawn up from the legs pooling in the abdomen.

Do 4/5 lymphatic breathing sets throughout the day for the next few days to promote drainage of lymph that’s pooling in your lower torso up through your thoracic duct. Lymphatic breathing also draws fluid up from the legs so it’s a win win. The more lymphatic breathing we Lymphies can do the better!

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GabbiD44 in reply to CCT67

This is great advice. I don't think I was ever told about the importwnce to "open the pathways" when I was trained on my Tactile machine. But it makes sense to do that. I do practice deep breathing during that hour, but I will do more with the lymph nodes as well!

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Great advice from Lynora and CCT67 above.

I have unilateral secondary lymphoedema extending from my right hip through leg to foot. I recently bought a compression pump and was advised to get a trouser garment with it, rather than just a leg garment, which means the pump works on my abdomen/buttocks/hips as well as my leg/foot. However, I still do a bit of SLD and diaphragmatic breathing before, during and after a pump session.

Maybe worth considering upgrading with a trouser garment, if possible?

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I also suffer greatly when it is humid.

I don't have that particular machine. Mine is a Tactile. I have a trunk garment too. So They specifically pushed me to add the trunk piece even though its more cumbersome because they said some people had trouble with fluid collecting in abdomen.

I pump from waist to toes every night. I try to breathe deeply for as much as the hour as possibly for as much impact as possible. I do manual massage in the mornings. I can't tell that I notice much improvement from the pump. I was just on vacation and couldn't take the pump with me. I haven't noticed a huge difference. I did wrap my left leg a few nights when it felt extra full.

Sorry if this doesn't help much. Hang in there!


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Lynora in reply to GabbiD44

As CCT67 says, the direction of flow should start with stimulating the abdomen, then legs from toes upwards towards the body - upwards, not downwards.

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GabbiD44 in reply to Lynora

If you were clarifying my comment thank you! Yes, when I said waist to toes I was meaning my pump garments go from my waist to my toes. But as you mentioned the pump starts decompression at waist and makes it to my toes at 30 min and then works its way back up to my waist by the end of the hour. Good clarification.

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brix75 in reply to GabbiD44

Thank you very much for the valuable information. I also have the Tactile machine. It feels like my chest is underwater now with the added humidity. I will try as you suggested. Again thank you so much.

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Just to add, ensure you’re using your abdominal/lower trunk piece when you pump and select the relevant programme on the control box so it starts the sequence from your waist moving proximal to distal. The trunk piece should have come with your leg pieces. If not, contact Tactile customer service.

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I have a Flexitouch and have only used it a few times. I did prep by deep breathing, MLD and used the trunk piece with the leg sleeves. I found an increase in genital swelling and discontinued using it. Fortunately, I have had successful results with SAPL and VLNT surgeries and no longer need the Flexitouch.

I wish you improvement and best of health with your lymphedema.

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Very good comments and perhaps mine won't be as applicable..thought I would share what has helped me the most with my lymphedema. I have just the legs version of pumping machine... and perhaps my condition is much lighter than yours but I have found adding swimming and sometimes I am only swimming and it improves swelling and my well being all around . I swim very slowly breast stroke with frog kick one breath one stroke and on my back flutter kick breathing slowly and deeply... .. It seems to 'reset me' I swim almost everyday... the water compresses, you are weightless so not fighting gravity and lymph moves because of the muscle movement pumps open and closes... I found it does a better job than the machine...good for back up if can't get to the pool...hope this helps

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GabbiD44 in reply to violetta15

I have heard about the benefits of swimming! I wish I could fit it into my day.

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