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Anyone using lyphoedema pump on legs

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Hi I have lymphoedema in my legs following surgery and radio/chemo therapy for cervical cancer.

Having had increased swelling in my left leg we are considering purchasing a pump, I already do gym and swimming to help control. Does anyone have experience using a pump and can advise which ones are best.


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A good pump is worth the expense if used daily in conjunction with SLD to prepare the lymph pathways for drainage of lymph drawn up from the legs by the pump. I pump my legs daily without fail otherwise my mobility is hugely compromised and pain unbearable. Not all pumps are created equal and the best ones are more expensive and have more air chambers which makes a pump better for mimicking MLD which is the aim of compression pumps.i believe you’re in the UK look into Lympha Press, and Haddenham Healthcare’s Lymphflow Advance.

Important to note a compression pump isn’t a replacement for compression therapy, it’s an excellent LE management tool when used properly. If you’re under a LE clinic speak with the specialist nurse if she/he has training in MLD (some do, some don’t), or independent Lymphoedma therapist ( about how prepare your trunk Lymphatics for pumping your leg

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Thank you, that is helpful. I have been working with the Lymphoedema Clinic at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford and we all agree a compression pump is the way forward. There seem to be a number of cheaper units on the market and I posted to get an idea of which units have worked for people with a similar problem.

Hi - I have lymphodema in my left leg following uterine cancer treatment including pelvic clearance and block radiotherapy. My management regime is: exercise, a pump daily (twice if I have a day where I've had to stand too much) and sld. I had LVA at Oxford 4 years ago and I also wear compression stockings. This all means that whilst I still have some swelling it is mostly round my ankle and my leg is only slightly larger than my right one and I get very little discomfort.

I have two pumps - one is a cheaper version of the lymphopress bought on Amazon for about £300. The cost of the lymphopress proper was cost prohibitive for me when I bought it. I feel this cheaper version works very well and haven't felt the need to upgrade now that I could afford to. I also have Chloe boots, also bought on Amazon, which cost about £80. These are only knee high, but are light enough to pack in a suitcase when I go away. They are not as effective but mean I can maintain my routine wherever I am (including my tour of Peru this year!!)

The key is self management, whatever works best for you. It can be hard work, but it is possible to control the swelling to preserve a normal life. Good luck!

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Thank you that is really helpful, I have slight swelling in the abdomen so need to decide if we need to use trousers rather than legs, if trousers I think I need to go with the more expensive but if only legs knowing the cheaper unit has worked for you in very helpful.

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Be careful with legs only. Many people have commented on how they used legs only and fluid just moved to abdomen. Trust me, abdomen is much harder to adress once it joins the party. I would definatley include abdomen!

Hi, I have primary lymphodeema, apparently, not tested, but diagnosed by two specialists & I have severe lymphodeema in my right leg & abdomen & moderate lymphodeema in my left leg resulting in mobility & pain issues, made worse by spinal issues. I use an 8 chamber sera nova trouser pump which works well for me, not sure how I’d manage without it as it increases my mobility, reduces my size hugely & reduces my pain consequently. They’re dear, but they work. I wouldn’t have managed with mld & leg garments for the pump as my abdominal swelling is significant. Combining the pump & mld helps to keep things moving. Good luck w your search. Meg

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Thank you, that's really helpful. Choosing the best pump seems more difficult than I had expected. It looks like the Sera Nova pump is the same as the Haddenham Health pump, I am looking at this and the Lympha Press pump and a cheaper option Sissel Compression Therapy Press 4. I will post when we have made the decision.

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Good luck with it. I use compression daily, mld & the pump & only by using all of it do I manage to control it & even then it’s hard work. But the pump makes such a difference.... don’t like it but it’s essential. Sadly I find that dietary intake influences my swelling greatly as well &that reducing sugar & carbs severely keeps the swelling down a lot.... tough & tedious as well but that’s the way off it. I hope you manage to get a good pump, the cost is painful but has made a huge difference to my quality of life, which smaller devices haven’t achieved for me. 🙃

Hi Zena1234,

I'm glad what I wrote was helpful.

I don't think I have my own thread.

Do's are mainly in my regime as I described, plus trying to keep my feet raised when resting. My biggest 'don' t' is to avoid standing still (e.g. In queues)... If I do have to I constantly move my leg about, do toe raises, walk on the spot etc... I get strange looks, but my leg benefits!! :)

Please don't hesitate to message me again if you want to ask me anything else.


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