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Primary Lymphedema in 4 limbs & Venous Disease :(

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Hi guys, I posted almost a year ago when I was first diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema at age 44. The hospital repeated the scan this year due to extravasion (leaking) of the dye during my first scan. I was praying they had the diagnosis wrong & that it would all be a terrible mistake! How wrong could I be! 3 weeks ago I was told I have Primary Lymphedema in 4 limbs- arms & legs and that it’s worse in my arms! I am devastated!!! At the moment it’s not immediately obvious that I have this condition but I’m scared of it getting worse! The only treatment I currently have is the stockings for my legs. I have seen the nurse twice who has measured my legs & ordered more stockings but that seems to be it. A life long condition that is not curable!

I am also under the hospital being investigated for a hormonal imbalance! High prolactin (above the normal range) & low DHEA & testosterone (below the normal range). I am waiting for the results from a Pituitary MRI. I constantly get infections; my eGFR and Creatinine (kidneys) are out of the normal range; I have 5 fibroids & a nodule on my thyroid & cant help thinking could my Lymphedema be the cause of my many other symptoms?

I get peripheral blurry vision at times, which is like watery ripples! More recently I have had approx 5 episodes of feeling like my left foot is standing in water, but my foot and shoe is dry? In addition to getting right hand twitches / spasms!!

I have no idea what is wrong with my body & neither do the consultants who just keep sending me for test after test! The worst symptom of all is EXTREME FATIGUE!!!!

Is anyone else experiencing a range of symptoms you think might be related to your Lymphedema? Or any suggestions on what might be causing all my symptoms?


Wendy x

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You say your primary lymphoedema is not immediately obvious. Don't panic, it could stay like that! People often assume their lymphoedema will get worse, this is not necessarily so. Sounds like you have lots of medical conditions to deal with. They are extremely unlikely to be linked to primary lymphoedema. The Lymphoedema Support Network, , has lots of information and follow the advice of your clinic. Managing lymphoedema is a hassle but many of us carry on pretty much as normal. I do hope you can come to terms with your lymphoedema in the not too distant future. Best wishes.

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Thanks! This site is a great help and speaking to others with the same condition! Wendy

Wendy, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles with your health issues. Especially being so young. Hang in , hang on. I am 69 , almost 70, and have Severe Spinal Stenosis, & whole host of other back problems. For 11 years have been in excruciating pain. I have had Lower Limb Lymphedema for over 14 years, last 11 years, it has become very bad.

I hope you get some answers, and help. Wrapping is a great thing , as long as you can get someone to help you. Hopefully you are not in tremendous pain from any of your maladies.

Try to always have “ Hope”, & try to say “ It could always be worse”.

My two best friends are dying, one end stage Parkinson’s, the other from recurring breast cancer , now Mutiple Myoloma( bone cancer)

♥️ Robbie

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Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your positive words! Sorry to hear about your friends! Sending you virtual hugs!


Hi Sparkle44,

I have all your answers and I have them because of the extensive research I have had to do to get my own things worked out which are the things you mention now only mine did not stop at that and eventually went onto a full body shutdown.

Your answers that you search for and this is about to cause a whole lot of drama but I will only respond to your messages for the time being unless I feel upon reading any message that suggests against what I say to you and I feel at that time to elaborate further but for you to go through the things you are and be told it is not able to be cured is rubbish!! Now as I was saying above, The answers you are looking for will not be found by visiting any MD and I don’t mean that with all but clearly by all the ones the you are surrounding yourself with in hopes of an answer, an answer your not going to get.

The truth is that your body is actually responding in a normal way. Our bodies are far more intelligent then we seem to give credit. Our bodies don’t do Stupid and our bodies don’t do anything wrong!! They are ALL coping mechanisms being put in place to counter what WE HAVE DONE to the body.

The swelling you are getting in the legs is because your body had reached its point it had to do an immediate response for its survival. Your lymphatic system has Two MAIN focuses and that is to filter fluid from the body and to fight infections and disease, the lymph’s are like sponges and I dare say you should have them if you feel around in the groin, under arms, under bottom jaw etc maybe down the insides of your legs which the fluid you feel running down your inner leg/s is the lymph system releasing the fluid it had been filtering, this is all in an attempt to better focus your bodies energy to the areas which it is most needed, the lymph system I was told for me by someone was that it seems that the lymph system had FORGOTTEN to filter the fluid while caught up filtering the infections to my body, YOUR BODY DOES NOT DO STUPID, YOUR BODY DOES NOT FORGET!!! The fatigue is because your body is burning up all of your energy which is giving the thyroid a beating to stop putting out the extra energy the body needs to fight for you!!!

You can heal all of this and so easily!!! I found out now the cause to a lot of the things happening to me and even the same as you I have peripheral blurring mainly the left eye but certainly the right at times as well and these things are being effected because of the damage we do by consuming the stuff we consume, and trust me, for me to say this is a miracle lol I was the biggest junk food addict and always ice cream chocolate and just stuff full of sugar and what happened in my case is that I have got what is known as leaky gut, we consume these foods and when they get backed up inside the very thin walking of skin that our digestive system is made up of gets tears in there and allows the toxic at this point and this way for the proteins or nutrients to enter the body as it is then pumped into the blood and causing systemic poisoning and after this going on for so long my organs began to fail and many other things we won’t get into.

So what am I saying to you? Simple answer is CHANGE your Diet...

You need to go on a solid food vacation and you need to clean your colon!!! The cause of almost all diseases starts at the colon, yep your bathroom is blocked up and your not consuming the right food your body needs to heal.

Get rid of the meet for now and don’t cook any meals you need to go raw!!!!

Juice ONLY Detox and I will give you the one name you should google and go to YouTube and type in his name and then watch all these things I am telling you and watch the stuff being told to you, actually I will give you two names,

One is a doctor/ Chiro who teaches the Natural livings of life and I have learnt so much from these two people and I am now able to do many things I could not before,

My swelljng is gone, still blurry in the eyes but I am yet to do the detox but I started to and I found many things beginning to do a u turn and all I done was loaded up on supplements to help the body to absorb what it needs and then begin to clean my bathroom by bowel movements and then I will be starting the juice only detox and flush my entire body and give the body every thing it needs to reverse any thing which has happened, and this does not mean everything will be reversed as it comes down to the severity and the time it has been for this to all happen but I promise you that it will improve, your aches and pains are not going to be fixed by swallowing a prescription and all it will do is put further strain on the body and consume more energy for your kidneys and liver to have to deal with that as well plus it will slow your heart rate therefor slow blood flow and your body will naturally be wanting to go into an inflammatory response to heal these areas, so you’d may see your blood pressure being high and your heart racing and things like that but this is a normal response with your current condition.

The second guy I will give you is the guy who will teach you all you need to know to understand about the body and he has done everything based on his own studies and his own testing son himself and the stuff is priceless.

You see doctors for the most don’t go after the cause, they are not taught to go after the cause, they only go after the symptoms and this is why we live in such a sick world these days. We need to look outside this box we are being fenced into, take a leap of faith and climb over the fence and take a look for yourself.

Anyways not going there for now but if you want to turn it all around then you need to go watch what these people have to say,

First (John Rose) - Solid Good Vacation

Second (John Bergmann) - Teacher at a college teaching everything you should want to know. As John says lol Where The Truth Shall Set You Free!!! Lol love this saying.

Remember that the Ultimate tool of Control is the only thing that matters to us and that is our Health... We are a very weak society now and until people see that it is not natural for us to be this way nor was it ever for thousands of years before us and now it is everywhere we look and this is being done to us!!!! Now you have just been given the tools to go and dive straight into the source to heal your body the best it can after many years of damage so do keep me updated on how your going and I am no doctor ok nor do I want you to think I can tell you these things by science I have done as I have not, but these guys have and they have the evidence that backs it all up.

Take care and will talk soon.

Any issues do reply and will get back to you with any answers.

I will happily help you through anything I can and I don’t want anything to have you healed nor do the two guys I mentioned, it is free to all and so it should be as our healthcare is priceless!!!



Sorry mate the name is John Rose -Solid FOOD Vacation

Wow thanks for your full response. Interestingly I went to a detox farm in Devon years ago and came back thinking I could be a raw foodist! I even brought a spiraliser! I rarely eat meat. I tend to eat fruit, veg & fish. I honestly couldn’t live on raw food alone but I could do more work on my diet! Thanks for taking the time to share your views! Much appreciated, Wendy x

Hi Sparkle,

You are most welcome and I am glad you mentioned this and if you recall the specific diet at the time?? I really would like to know as there is a key requirement to get this happening and put our body into a rapid detox, we have to do a drastic change and yeah I am not going to say that you will like it and your body will not start to do some things that will be uncomfortable and also you need to find out where your body is deficient and you must supplement these key areas but the real thing for you to do and I have watched the studies turn back in time TERMINAL Patients, disease ridden - systemic diseases, organs which had shutdown started to heal and return to work and many Many MANY more life threatening illnesses, there is no point in going after the symptoms as your symptoms are a domino effect on the real cause and I would back track your life to where this all began to go wrong for you and from there back track the year before this and see if you can find something that was adding to your life and maybe it was stress, chronic injury, Flu Shots, I can honestly say that it sounds to me like it is your bathroom blocked up and I am not sure if you know but it is not uncommon for a human these days to have at least 14 MEALS (BACKED UP!!)!! This is absolutely outrageous and this is where and how many people can become deficient in many Nutrients and the essential needs our bodies must consume, them we go and work out our intake of these nutrients etc. and then most of us think we now have to go and cook the meals, well it is Stated that we lose up to (50%) of all Nutrients and all the benefits from the now depleted source of food that only has minimal nutritional benefits and only a filling effect on us or more likely a bloating effect to our guts since we cooked the food and to top that off it was cooked way too high of heat which also just destroyed all the good bacteria we need to consume which people seem to think of bacteria as a bad thing in our lives!! Unbelievable!!’ The good and bad bacteria were all able to help us prevent certain things within the body and they actually worked well for us once upon a time so again this day and age we think it was natural to cook our food and to spray the toxins over all our crops and along with that now being airborne and every other toxin and preservations and the toxic pills/pharmaceuticals which we invest to our systems and all we are doing is disrupting the bodies way of coping with this toxic situation we are putting it through, and the good bacteria’s as I said are also destroyed so the gut flora is way out of whack so now we don’t have the complete digestion processes needed and as the bacteria produces the Enzymes needed to Breakdown the Carbohydrates which can the be absorbed and used as ENERGY!! Just think of this for a minute,

Ok so, If the proper digestive enzyme is not present or food is moving too quickly throughout the digestive tract, the carbohydrate will pass on into the large intestine (undigested)!!!

Next concern to Adding to our domino effect,

Gas Production,

So now, the undigested carb reaching your large intestine, the undigested carbs will now be formally introduced to a Colony of Beneficial or I think of it as the Reinforcements and the backup Bacteria’s, whichthese bacterias help to (maintain your health and immune function).

There it is, they maintain your health and maintain the immune systems Function!!!! Take these out after years of this and not just this way either there are many ways we kill off our bacteria’s but I am just explaining the one which is within our usual food consuming ha it’s which we have become no more then serious health issues and only progressively getting worse as the years go by and we have to keep loading our bodies with other toxins which we physically put into our systems by skin absorption, oral intake, airborne so now respiratory, of course the body is going to eventually start to react, it is screaming at us to stop everything we are doing because what we are doing is all wrong, we can’t expect results if we

Don’t change our habits and this is mentally physically and chemically!! We must change these things to turn it around.

So just continuing on,

The bacteria use the undigested carbs as an energy source which they produce both - Carbon Dioxide and Methane Gasses in the process. Now from here internally, your body is quite likely to get a build up of Bloating and also gases which have now arose from the buildup of these gases which were released by the bacterial fermentation process. This is our bodies way of dealing with the problem which started back in the small intestine way back up at the start and all you have currently will be excess gas and a possible bloating.

Now onto some more importance here,


Another problem which now arises and your body has to cope with because of the undigested carbohydrate is what you will notice by symptoms will be Diarrhoea and DeHydration!!! So now the effect on the body begins to really hurt us and our bodies must respond!! And it will respond (dramatically - if it feels it is necessary to keep us alive) to counter that so it does not become lethal to us.

Normally, water from the large intestine is absorbed into the body, but when carbohydrates accumulate water is drawn into the large intestine from the rest of the body.

Excess water can cause diarrhoea, or known also as watery stool, this can definitely lead to dehydration.

So we must take note in our bodies responses as these are our clues to figuring out where the cause is, where we must go to begin healing our bodies!!! All we have happen when we go to a hospital or GP is they suppress our bodies response mechanisms which it is putting in place for a reason.

Remember your Body does not do anything which is stupid and to cause us bad health, we do not work this way in any means.

So, once you know what is happening with the diarrhoea and dehydration, you take a note on those symptoms, then you will want to Rehydrate.

Drinking an electrolyte, maybe one such as coconut water or a something with plenty of electrolytes which can help combat the water loss, but don’t over do it either as you can put too much into your system and the body has to pick up the phone and dial through to The Lymphatics so they can come and respond to the excessive fluid intake and try to mop up the overflow and the filtering of excess fluid so t going to go so well for you, Mot at this stage as we

Already know the Lymph’s have let go of your fluid to concentrate on the more serious problem/s you have somewhere else in the system, and sounds like the perfect Bowel/Bathroom/Sewerage System OVERLOAD which has

backed up and with everything you mentioned in your post is saying that it has caused a systemic response/reactions and your and I will say that the lymph’s are hard at work right now and everything that goes into the body for food and nutrients while ever at this stage should be nothing but JUICE ONLY that way it is consuming no more energy that the body has to cope with by taking away from where it is needed and once your bowels begin to flush and get moving and blast out all of the things we are backed up with, weigh yourself before and then after the cleanse and throughout for pregression and the body can get a direct hit of everything it may need and remember it is important for you to focus on your body and how it starts to respond as I mentioned before it may be necessary to supplement certain things you have become incapable of producing at this stage and even unable to absorb certain things which is going to be what you notice begin to clear itself up and as long as you get right into it without having that side of meet or vegetables or any other foods or beverages, for the first week or two minimum should only be NOTHING but Fresh made JUICING and it must be drank straight away as it will begin to oxidise pretty well immediately which destroys all the bacteria and nutrients so it is important to get this powerful and amazing game changer into you and infact it ain’t a game changer, this stuff has been around for thousands of years and we figured out fire and man began to cook food and this was a start to many many diseases and now the pharmaceuticals getting doctors handing out all the symptom suppressing poisons when your body is always in a state of rejuvenation and has all it needs to heal it’s self providing we give the body what it wants and it is proven that the things I am saying are in fact the facts of the past which have shown to imprison these many people for showing the world their reporting a of this way of living and how they have reversed cancer, and reversed many many life threatening illnesses and because they were using Natural plant based things and saying that it infact cured cancer and 95% of most other deserved by doing so...

Now lastly,

Long-Term Complications,

The buildup of both gas and water in the large intestine can lead to (pain), (cramping and a distended abdomen).

These conditions are uncomfortable and over time (can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies).

You may also (feel tired and lethargic)

because your body is not receiving the energy it needs from the carbohydrates you are eating. According to the Mayo Clinic,

if diarrhea continues for more than three days with no improvement, it's important to talk with your health care provider as it may be the sign of a more serious health condition.

if the Carbohydrates are not being digested properly by the lack of enzyme needed or even if your food is moving too quickly through the digestive tract the carbs are pushed onto the large intestine!! This is not by accident remember how smart your body actually is??and so think of this for a second and think of the complications that this is going to start happening when this happens, it complicates systemic situations and much more!!!

No food should be cooked and expect that we will get any benefit from consuming it after this process.

Now let’s say you actually do go on the diet I am suggesting to you and I am not saying diet to think your overweight and infact I have not even looked at a picture to see What you even look like, I am telling you this stuff based purely on what you have said to me and using my knowledge which I have learnt and it is pretty clear to see exactly what is happening, and that is your Entire Bathroom needs to be flushed and you need To hit It hard. This stuff has been stuck to the walls for so long and it is literally like axle grease and it will be better for you the longer you do this Juice Fast for and when you feel pains you must lay down into the side and press along the large intestines and break up anything you can feel as it is stuck to the intestines and needs to be shifted and then when you have got out more then you imagined possible you should rapidly begin healing many areas of damage and when you see these repairs take place it is something amazing Happening and the joy and excitement to see and experience such amazing thing we are led to believe is nonsense, only then can a person say wow, WOW!!!! Now I SEEN IT ALL!!!

Remember, It may take some time to get this stuff moving and you need to go on a 30 day Solid Food Vacation ideally, and you must Consume NOTHING BUT JUICE, by doing the juice Fast you are giving your body the nutrients immediately once it hits the back of your throat and swallowed it immediately can begin absorption and with minimum amount of energy needed and this is why the body heals so fast and is such an aggressive hit on the bodies and this is why it is important to keep on top of your responses from the body.

I would love to continue but I must get going for now but last thing is you must drink at the very minimum no less then 1 Gallon of home fresh made Juice and anything less then this is not going to be enough to feed the body and enrich it enough that it becomes the medicine needed, even from there you may need to increase yet but for certain you need to take certain supplements so that you are not putting the body into any further damages with what your body as a lady or even as a male to do we all have things needed that the fruit does not produce so these thing MUST BE SUPPORTED and care taken to understand what your doing and what foods are good to juice together for different symptoms so that we can head straight to the main source and tie this up once and for all and have you in good health again!!

Do think of the recipe and capacities and length etc. that you tried your last detox as I think this is going to be of great importance to find out what was not working and where things needed to supplement to support the way our body has adapted to this sick and injured society we are living in and

If this worries anyone then good as you should all be worried as this is the way things are and how they have become to this point we are at and. The biggest profitable business is the pharmaceutical companies and health services so why would they want to heal us? Why would they do such a ridiculous thing that would be of no benefit for them as that would mean a healthy society which we would rarely need to use a healthcare system period and means that they are out of business, they have healed us to their very own extinction!!! Outrageous for any person to actually think that this is not logical what I am saying and I was so disgusted when looking at the sciences involved and being shown all the facts that actually proves many things we are told to be no more then lies and deception.

So I think it is important to share what I seen and leave it for each other on the accord of no one bar their own to then look into their own research and dig up facts of what I have mentioned and all areas of what I have said. Just that there are so many fabricated documents as it is a government and world class leaders who are infact very aware of these things.

The time to look outside the box is now, look through the fence pick a line to target and make a dash for it and see for your own self through your own reasearch and your own eyes that all is there to be found if you look hard enough and you will see all the rubbish they speak of makes no sense and proves that it causes the disease and says it can cause the very disease it was given to help suppress.

Take care

The retreat was called the Sura Detox retreat...

Changing your diet may help your lymphoedema, certainly managing your weight helps lymphoedema. Changing your diet will not cure your lymphoedema (as seems to be suggested above).

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Thanks Anne! I couldn’t live as a raw foodist and will always struggle with my weight due to fibroids, IBS and PCOS. Xx

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Anne you must not be so quick to try to tell other people what “facts” and “science” PROVES Otherwise and how dare you suggest such Ridiculousness with all the knowledge out there for you to go and find on your own, it is this very reason that this society is kept in this state of illness and disease.

You bring me your evidence and I will bring you more evidence then you would care to digest, lymphedema, you are calling the bodies response to a cause and it is being called and labelled a disease on its own!! It is nothing more then a response from which your body has put in place to go and cope with what is going on elsewhere in the body, the main Cause. I suppose you would suggest that suppressing the bodies symptoms is also a good idea and to ingest medications that are neurotoxic to us and think the body is going to respond well to this and when your body begins to raise its blood pressure to heal the areas where we have pain and it is done by the body triggering its own inflammatory response do you not think that to do this we need more blood flow to push oxygen and nutrients to these areas, and I suppose you agree to taking a pill that the doctor just said you should take as he is recommending it to you for high blood pressure so now your blood pressure is lowered and meanwhile symptoms are suppressed as well and suddenly now you have a major blowout in the body and when you get carted to ED they do your vitals and they say well that is not right her vitals are Perfect!! Her blood pressure is amazing!! It is perfect, in actual fact this is telling the body false actions to try to counter our very own self destruction for not looking beyond what you were led to believe and for so long I can’t blame anyone but do not sit here and tell any one on this page that by changing her or his diet will not reverse this post and if you can’t see that the actual cause is from the bathroom being blocked up and our body filled with toxins.

Anne you really need to educate yourself better to even be saying such disheartening things to a person after I just have them the tools to go and look for themselves and go watch the studies!!! The real studies, not fabricated ones lol

I am sorry but I will not be told of such lies as if to think I am telling these lies!! How dare you say such things when you have no idea of the world your living in today, wow, and I dare say you went and got the flu shot after they said had no impact on the flu for that time of the shot, lol AMAZING!!!

Find your facts before you try to take away a persons best option by thousands of years before you go and speak such things

Or I guess you believe we always had fire to cook our meals as well.

Or that we have not lost our extra sensory system and that animals and humankind are not able to adapt to our environment as it changes in time we are not able to do things and our body make its own changes to respond perfectly to that new age environment!!!

Open your eyes to see that your world is not just what you see in front of you, or behind or out to each side. It is far bigger then that and we don’t even know it all given all our technology today and still we are unable to see how things are today and the spike in diseases and look at the timeline where the spikes began!! You go find this and tell me your answer then tell me who is actually got the real facts and then go look at the history books and figure out our ways of survival and you are going to try to tell someone that her thousands of years old immune response system that you know better then it and a typical MD we turn to? That he knows better to respond to our bodies then our very own Immune which has survived and adapted to all of mankind’s silly mistakes which has now gotten to global crisis and look at the chemicals that are killing people and each other and suicides and yet you say no to that and yet put another prescription pill to your lips or veins and yet later find out that it is the very same active ingredients used to treat a response to an underlying Cause and yet you will agree to this and yet turn your nose up at the very same people only for them it was not so easy to get hold of and because it is given to you by a doctor that it is ok to take, I am sorry but this is so wrong and such bad information and such a poor way to have to live life stripping people from what is out there to turn their life on a dime and good health is only around the corner and for the many people who as I said have not progressed into a state the body must be changed which it can do in itself but if it is a dramatic change needed requiring a procedure then this is the only time we should be allowing anything to enter our body and this being the case would actually be the doctors of the new age, doctors who do not do the things these ones do to our children!!

Good day for now and hope to see your facts and back those facts up with further facts and then we can discuss the things you seem to know so well to be able to tell others that something I jut mentioned the facts are out there and never have I produced anything to push towards my findings, and I don’t need to as there are so many out there that people just need to dig a little and when a snag is hit do not be afraid to tie another hook on the line and cast in a different direction. My say so is of no belief of my own and it is purely based on SCIENCE and Facts are you saying that your smarter then the science.... Man I am so sorry and I really know how hard it is to accept how wrong this is to have been done to us, I am sorry and yes it is hard I know I too could not believe it, I don’t know you so why would I care to find a lady who is suffering from things I went through my self and turned it around by putting only minimal effort in with one area and that was my first ONLY!!!! So go and look into things with a great understanding before you do these things ok.

Sorry but I just can’t not sit back to watch as someone strips the truth and prolongs suffering.

And I am not saying you must do raw for your entire life I am saying you need to do this to heal your body,

Ok how’s this - For You to get Better You Must give your body what it wants and your body is in a state of war fighting for you hence the fatigue and now you have got kidney issues next will be the liver as these are your bodies only way of filtering out what goes in and first the kidney shuts down and then the liver is struggling and meanwhile you can’t feed your body what it wants just for a short period to heal your simple yet serious issues.

Try it just put what I said into practice for thirty days of your pain full and sick state and if you do it through the sources I mentioned I will pay for the entire month of fruit and vegetables, now if you are going to go back to consume these refined foods then you will need to do this reasonably regular to push through the build up as we are not meant to take so long to move the vowels from one end to another and there you have the perfect storm for disease.

I will gladly pay for you to do that and I will spend my life on here apologising to you all, but I don’t have to as I already know the science, the history and the Facts all involved that proves this is true.... go golem up and try to see for yourselves and sparkle, your sparkle is just around the corner

I can tell you your and show you the studies that turned fibroids around for 95 plus of the percentage out there with this condition.

We are so hard on ourselves, the doc says to us well you have this disease now and it can’t be fixed, no doc you can’t fix it, but we know how to fix it and thanks for your time in the chair but your time is up doc. You have been profiting from others and the suffering of our race and you have proven unworthy to hold up your roll, we know many are led to believe the same lye as we Know it but when you have head honchos who were high ranking in the pharmaceutical businesses and walking out after seeing what they were actually doing and knowing that they are not trying to help us but to keep us and our health in control to keep us in the weak state you look around and see today.

Tell me it ain’t so simple!! Wake your clouded judgement and look further then you choose to as this is about more then you alone and when you go and say such a thing you therefor go and involved everyone else who goes and see such nonsense. I have went above and beyond night and days in disbelief which the science the facts and the history along with the timeline all far back as I can get

To and clear as the daylight you see at mid day the evidence is there that proves all to be true......

Ultimate Tool Of Control.... Your Health & Everyone Else We Love Dearly.

You hold a persons health in your hands and you have them obey your every command, you introduce the diseases and say they are not man made attempts on triggering the body into an inflammatory response by giving vaccination and flu shots,

Yet you all say you ain’t seen a kid suffering with this disease or that and guess what, you would not have either had they not created this destruction on our race and if each don’t start to look and find the truth then we are finished you can believe that, won’t take long.

It’s really important that everyone has a right to share their views without feeling overly challenged. Anne’s views are just as valid as your despite them being different so please be respectful to each other. The use of ridiculous is inflammatory. I appreciate your earlier initial comments. Take care, Wendy

Speaking as someone who was born with missing lymph vessels and has had lymphoedema since childhood all I will say is making sure I am not overweight will help my lymphoedema. It can't be cured but lots of things (like compression, excercises and not being overweight) help manage it.

Although Bealsie1986 makes some interesting points and rightly draws links between food/diet and human health, his comments make evident his extremely limited knowledge of the

Lymphatics and causes of Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema.

Diet certainly influences the severity of LE symptoms (there is huge anecdotal and recent clinical evidence re Ketogenic way of eating), therefore diet is increasingly a topic given more focus in LE treatment

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Sparkle44 in reply to CCT67

It is important that we all respect each other’s views and that we don’t make reply’s personal. I appreciate your views. Food and diet is really important. Best wishes! Wendy

I have extreme fatigue, can barely tolerate hot weather. I have been wondering lately about my blurry vision too.i think there are many different symptoms and each case is different. I cannot stress enough about having a well trained, well verse physical therapist. A good one is just as important if not.more so than the doctor. That's my opinion. Hope you feel better soon. Just a heads up. I take 2 tablets of airborne once or twice a day dissolved in water. Gives me a boost of energy most days.

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