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Wearing compression wraps when I am not well

Hi I was just wondering what others do when they are not well about wearing their compression wraps.

I have had a flu bug for the last week and I was in bed but yesterday I felt like getting up but with feeling very weak the thought of having to put my compression bandages on was to daunting and I ended up staying in bed. It's the same today I have had a shower and really don't have the energy to put them on, but I know that if I don't wear them my leg's will swell up like a balloon.

My dilemma is do I get up and not wear my compression bandages or stay in bed until I feel able to put them on.

What do members do when they fancy a duvet day or are well


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Stay in bed. If it’s flu, you are ill - wait until you feel a bit better. If you do get up, move to a chair where you can elevate the legs.


I stay in bed and elevate. I put on my night compression garments when I feel up to it (Iwear in bed and lying on the sofa). You are unwell and need to rest, not exhaust yourself out putting wraps/bandages on. Hope you feel better very soon 😊


When I have flu or not well I stay in bed with legs elevated on a pillow without compression to give my body a rest until you feel better to get up and move around to exercise that's when the compression goes back on. Your body is telling you to rest and that's what you should be doing til you feel better.


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