Restless legs

Hi gang, how many get restless leg feeling in there legs and feet where you can’t sit still, I have it all the time day and night even with gabapentin soon as it sit or get into bed? 😡😡

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  • I used to get it a lot, then tried magnesium oil, rubbed into my legs last thing at night, and it really helped. I take a supplement containing magnesium. I also used the old fashioned remedy - a bar of soap tucked under the sheet towards the bottom of the bed - it helped too - heaven knows why!!!!!

  • All of Lynora's suggestions + I have a Reviber 'machine' which also works when I can be bothered to use it.

  • Yes, a lot - especially late at night before going to bed. Usually in the swollen leg, but sometimes the other. Is there a connection to lymphedema??

  • I think so but not 100% sure, I’m sure my LD nurse said you get restless leg sort of feeling with LD.

  • It’s s regular occurance for me most nights in both my legs - I take 700mg good quality magnesium (Terra Nova, Viridian brands) before bed which reduces it. I do loads of abdominal breathing, and SLD to drain my trunk. (Head, neck, arm pits, sternum) when it’s so bad I can’t sleep. It feels like millions of insects crawling inside my skin. It’s a common symptom among those of us with lower extremity Lymphoedema particularly at night, you’re not alone! noticed it occurred much less after I stopped drinking alcohol, and cut out very spicey food, dairy, wheat. Alcohol is a huge culprit for many lymphies with restless legs as it causes vasodilation of the blood vessels ie more swelling in the limb

  • I haven’t drank for 25 year and don’t eat spicey food, I have bilateral full leg lymphoedema and they are like that soon as I take weight of them.

  • I also have Lymphoedema bilateral leg, as well as trunk and arms. Among many MLD therapists the restless/insects crawling inside legs feeling is thought to be stagnant lymph. The more Simple Lympharic Drainage/SLD and deep abdominal breathing (to stimulate the deeper lymphatics which includes the diaphragm) the better - doing it at least a few times throughout the day to encourage drainage is important to promote drainage and for many lymphies it relieves the pressure in the limbs

  • Magnesium citrate. Inexpensive and effective

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