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Dents in my swollen legs and ankles

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I have dents that resemble chicken pox marks after the scabs have gone in my swollen legs and ankles Still not had a diagnosis yet Does anyone else get them They are going lumpy now I just wish i knew what it was and if i can get any help with them as they are really uncomfortable ?

9 Replies
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I'd advise a visit to GP or Lymphodema clinic for advice/re-assurance, I hope it's nothing serious and easily resolved for you, good luck x

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Thank you Jennymary I have an appointment with my gp on 30th this wednesday but last time i saw him he just said keep your feet raised as often as possible Lets hope i get a better response this time I will let you know x

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Sounds like it could be a skin infection or irritation? Hope you get a satisfactory response from GP!

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CBPCJL in reply to lovesradio

Thank you Will hopefully find out soon but i really dont give it much hope

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I have the same thing. Looking forward to your physicians diagnosis. It never ends. As we get older, it gets worse, of course. Important to be vigilant with our disorder so that we can be our optimal best. Everybody is a little different. I have a very large family and 50% have lymphadema. We share any new information. Helping each other.

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Hi I also have these 2 marks in particular, they get itchy sometimes but sure that's were I've to keep skin well moisturerised can't hold out to it. I mentioned marks to GP and all they said was very strange. I hope you get a better response, Lynne

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Where do we go from here!!! Does anyone know what it is ...I went for my appointment at 20 t 4 pm and was sent to A E C once more to rule out a d v t which i knew would come back clear as i had had the same tests done 5 weeks earlier Quarter to ten i got back Now theyre saying support stockings and water tablets I just hope it works Hope one of us can find out the cause and get treated asap

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Well ive started on water tabs today but they still have not given me support stockings Have to take them for two weeks to see how it goes then if no better will give me support I have been awake all night itching and scratching So sore Does anyone know what causes this as it is getting worse now ?

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If you have lymphoedema water tablets won't help as they will have no effect.

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