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Lva surgery for lymphoedema

Hello everyone,

I'm new on here and have just started to look into having super microsurgery for my lymphoedema. Has anyone on here managed to get Lva on the nhs? I have had lymphoedema in both legs (mild at the moment) since having surgery and treatment for cervical cancer a couple of years ago. Would love to hear if anyone has had any success with this and any tips on how to proceed. Thanks x

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There are quite a few posts on here discussing this.

There is very limited access to LVA on the NHS and it seems only in Wales.

There are a small number of us that have had the procedure carried out privately.

I thoroughly recommend having it done if you can.



I’ve had a number of treatments on the NHS, including LVA, liposuction and lymph node transplant. I do believe it is a postcode lottery. What I did was to find a consultant who specialises in lymphoedema and also who accepts NHS referrals. Once you’ve done this it’s the tough bit, and that’s getting your GP to refer you.

In my experience if you go in and say “I want LVA surgery” they will decline it, as it is unlikely to be curative, and it is very expensive. You need to ask your GP to refer you so that you can discuss other options in the management of your lymphoedema. Once you are sitting in front of the consultant then everything is on the table. You may find LVA is not the best thing for you.


Thank you syrup01. I'm glad to hear that you have been able to have treatments on the NHS. Also very useful to hear how you approached getting your treatments.

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Hello Chiturtle, I have had the procedure at the oxford Lymphoedema practice, it has worked I am sure for me, I cannot recommend it high enough, but hoping for most people it becomes available, I have put posts up you can read about my experience although the cost it very high, the outcome for me I think is going to be positive, its only been 8 days since my operation but already there is an improvement, you sound like you could be a good candidate especially if your lymphoedema came after you had lymph nodes removed after your cervical cancer, mine was melanoma and only my sentinel node was removed but that left me with L, my lymphoedema nurse suggested Oxford and I went along to have ICG and was suitable not everyone is unfortunately, but they will only do you if you are, 1 in 3 are so I was told. hope this helps xxx


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