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Sock it to lymphoedema challenge


Sock it to lymphoedema - next week is lymphoedema awareness week in the UK. Please get your friends and family to show their support by wearing odd socks or gloves for a day and making a donation to the LSN. If they are asked why they have odd socks on then ask them to say 'I am CHOOSING to wear different socks/gloves today- people with lymphoedema don't have that choice'. Post a selfie and pass it on.

To donate text LSNS14 together with how much you wish to donate to 70070.

Here are some suggested words for those doing the 'sock it to

lymphoedema' challenge if they get asked why they are wearing odd socks or gloves next week.

'Lymphoedema is a long term condition caused when the lymphatic system doesn't work effectively either because it was not formed properly or because it has been damaged. It leads to swelling in all or parts of the body, changes to the skin and an increased risk of infection. There is no cure and anyone of any age or gender can develop it. Part of the treatment is to wear compression garments all day everyday. I am CHOOSING to wear different socks/gloves today- people with lymphoedema don't have that choice

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I will do it for sure! Any of u guys?

Count me in !!!!!

Me too xx

Hi guys, if we want to try to raise some money, we could try to keep in touch all on facebook.

If you want to get a rare and unique friend, please request friendship with me on facebook, my name is Delphine Duffy, I live in Ireland and yes I am suffering from Lymphedema and I am not afraid to say so.

hi Delphine...i am going to try and friend you....

in reply to vickyg45

no luck...theres too many of your names....try me...vicky gilbert liddell

thanks! got you

Are there any graphics that can be used for posting on Twitter, Facebook, etc?? Or a 'dedicated' info page somewhere that can be linked to in tweets?? I spend quite a lot of time on Twitter [ @PaulRutherford8 ] and would be very happy to tweet all week... but need something/where to 'send' people?

I've just found this page which answers my question in last post!

I'll be spreading the word ;)

i still have no clue as to how the twitter thing even works! hastag what, how, where/////?????

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