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Lymphoedema leading to arthritis?


I have had lymphoedema in my lower left leg for about twenty years, in the last few years my right leg has swollen a small amount. Recent changes have been extreme pain from sudden arthritis in both knees, but mostly in my worst leg. This sudden disabling change has been attributed to years of Lymphoedema causing excess strain. I wondered if anyone else has a similar story with sudden arthritis and Lymphoedema?

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I was recently at the hospital after asking for a referral to the lymphoedema clinic, I was advised that the doctor suspected I had arthritis in my left knee which is the one that swells up worst. I had an xray and as yet I am still awaiting the results.

AlanK in reply to Dipper

Hi Dipper...good luck with the x-ray results!

Dipper in reply to AlanK

I apparently have the start of arthritis in my left knee, however I have to say I have lost a stone since I got my xray and I do feel the benefit of losing weight

Hi Alank, I have had osteoarthritis for nearly 10 year slowly getting worse got it right through now and it terrible pain at the min with this crap weather I had to finish work in 2011 then diagnosed with bilateral pitting edema below knees and Lymphodema above knees last Aug but swelling started around 2012 which they thought was related to arthritis.

AlanK in reply to Bev-1966

Hi Bev, thanks for the reply. Certainly damp weather doesn't help arthritis. My arthritis has been diagnosed in my knees recently after a very sudden change in pain and mobility in the last couple of months! Before this I was quite fit despite the lymphoedema and could walk for miles, now I struggle going to local shops and pay a huge price in pain. It has been a huge shock to me the sudden change.

It was to me as I was in my late 30s when it started now I go out house 2-3 times a week if I'm lucky but only if I have to I just potter around house keeping busy I have to use crutches when I go out or on good days mobility scooter.

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