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Open toes

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Morning everyone, after weeks of no stockings I eventually got these direct from France a couple of months ago and they are doing my head in covering my toes, I keep pulling them down but they keep going back up, my previous ones never went up this far and they are making my little toes sore rubbing on them.

I hate my toes covered, does anyone else's go up this far xx

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They are too long Bev. Is your clinic aware?

One reason could be they are round knit, rather than flat knit, which are produced with a slant from the base of the big toe to the base of the little toe. It's not possible to do this with round knit garments.

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Bev-1966 in reply to Lynora

Hi lynora, no I haven't told my nurse, remember the carry on I had to get these ones as the last ones were to short on the foot cos someone in sigvaris was scissor happy and cut a batch to short x

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Lynora in reply to Bev-1966

You need to tell her, especially if they are causing you discomfort and tissue damage. They are not 'fit for purpose'. If they rub and damage the skin, it could induce infection.

Unless I ring docs see if I can get script for new ones?

I also wear sigvaris open toes tights my right foot is more swollen than my left so the left tends to roll back during tbe day.when I am exercising I tend to wear socks. It's all a bit hit and miss some batches come up shorter in the panty part. But for me they are sort of the most comfortable. Ha e been wearing them for over 10 years. Have tried many other brands and made to measure and always go back to sigvaris.!!!!

No, only got diagnosed a year ago.

Wow Bev-1966 very fetching indeed. When I finally get over this wretched cellulitis will be putting mine back on which are toe less, and they only come to half way across my feet. They are really thick beige ones (yuk), I know my nurse said at the time, open for summer and closed for winter but sore as my pinkies are and look like sausages, still like to give them a wriggle xxxxxxxx

They should go to the Base of ya toes not over them or half way across ya feet xx

Use micropore tape to keep them in place.

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Bev-1966 in reply to roysome

Tried micropore just came back off.

Bev. These are not the right size. You need flat knit bespoke garments which don't cover the toes. Your measurements are sent with the NHS prescription to the manufacturer (mine is in Germany). When the process works you need to get your GP prescription clerk to send your pharmacist the prescription and measurements which then gets sent to the manufacturer. I get mine back in about 10 days. Flat knits are better in my opinion but heavier and obviously have a seam. They do come in different colours, but I know some ladies find them unflattering.

The original Micropore is very good and holds perfectly.

You may have been using one of the imitations (clue blue band at the end.) They are useless.

I put little fold in stockings keeping it away from little toes and put tape on the stockings with micropore from hospital.

I have rang my nurse and managed to get an app for next month about my stockings instead of waiting till Dec, she is going to remeasure my legs and get me new ones, hopefully 3rd time lucky.

Are they on the correct foot.I had that problem one time and realized I had them on the wrong leg they fit around her toes a lot better then after I had switched them

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Bev-1966 in reply to Boogrubbs

Hi boogrubbs, they go on any foot they are both exactly the same.

I use 'Medi Fix', specially designed glue, or adhesive lotion as it is described, for my compression garments. I use open toed tights, and when they are on, just roll back (foot part) gently, roll some glue on the top af my foot, just above where my toes end, and then gently put the foot bit back in place. I found that this works really well. I spent one summer pulling the open toes down, and trying to keep the whole thing in place, it drove me mad, but this glue has been a saviour.

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Bev-1966 in reply to GENEHOX1

Hi GENEHOX1, thanks for your reply but I have app with lymph nurse on 19th to be remeasured for some new stockings.

Hi gang, went to see nurse today about my stockings been to long and she is going to order a different make for me to see if they are any better (MAGIC) if anyone has heard of them, fingers crossed they are ok. 🤞🤞

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