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Pins and needles/tingle in toes


Does anyone experience a pins and needles or tingling sensation in your toes if you have Lymphoedema in your foot/leg? I tend to get this sensation first thing in the morning after I have had a shower and sometimes in the evening. I am not overly worried as I suspect its a cirulation issue or just due to my toes being swollen I am just interested to see if anyone else has had the same feeling?

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Hiya :-) I too get pins and needles/tingling in my toes and feet. Usually when they're really swollen. I usually end up rubbing the affected part to make it go away. I spoke to my nurse about it and she said it's common when parts are really swollen, didn't say what causes it though so I have no idea what really causes it.


i do sometimes get this sensation, as long as the compression isn't to tight it seems to be expected with swollen limbs.



I've been informed by my therapist that constant pins and needles could be caused by having too tight compression. The pins and needles come because blood flow is restricted.

Keeping your legs straight helps reduce bouts of pins and needles. People tend to bend their legs when sitting down - at work I usually sit quite low down and have my legs stretched forward.

The other thing - wiggling your toes every so often really helps - I think it gives some of the muscles a good work out and promotes blood flow. I've told this by a nurse since I was 7.

I hope that helps.

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I've *been told this by a nurse since I was 7


I have been plagued with this all my life, even as a child. It's down to circulation. My feet actually go to sleep and I am unable to walk on them. If I sit on a hard surface, especially if it's low, the classic time I had this was sitting on the floor in the school assembly cross legged. It took about twenty to thirty minutes for the circulation to get back into my feet. I still get it especially if I am sitting on the floor doing something as I have difficulty bending. I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic venous insufficiency. Wiggling your toes and feet help as anami says.


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