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Numbness/ tingling in toes

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Has anyone experienced numbness/ tingling sensation in their toes as a result of wearing compression?

I wear compression shorts from the waist to the knees and my condition is well managed although I do get worse in the heat. Yesterday my little toe, the toe next to it and the part of the foot attached to the toes started to feel strange- similar to the feeling when a dead leg eases- a little bit numb, slightly tingling! I took my compression off and did a lot of massage and some stretching exercises before bed expecting it to have gone in the morning but it hasn’t.

I intend to speak with my GP once they are open if I can get an appointment but I find that they aren’t always very knowledgeable regarding lymphoedema so thought I would ask you guys first to see if it was a common complaint.

Thanks in advance😄

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Hello Angelil! Although I wear arm/hand compression, I too get unexplainable thumb numbness & tingling with certain brands of compression. No one seems to know the true cause. Interested to hear what answers you receive.

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I’ve been told to carry on as normal to see if it resolves itself. It could possibly be swelling that is putting pressure on the nerve causing the sensation or various other things but the doctor doesn’t think it is being caused by the compression.

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Thank you for the update. For me, I believe it happens with certain compression brands. Hope you find relief

Could be peripheral neuropathy. I have it due to diabetes

Your compression strength is too strong and is cutting off your circulation, hence numbness and the feeling of constant pins and needles. I suffer from Lymphoedema and in this hot humid weather, it is at its worst, I simply can't wear compression as the pain from cramps, pins and needles and then the unsteadiness of having numbness makes it all very difficult to wear compression. I also get even dryer skin and itchyness thus causing eczema and extra sore red ridges in the skin all with compression. In my teaching job I am on my feet a lot and I don't get much of an opportunity to rest.

Just now the working day is very long and very stressful. I look forward to the the three days or fours days in the week when I get to go home for around 7-7:30 pm and can after my 10-11 hour day finally get my feet up. Weekends and two nights mid week belong to my family who need help as the level of care is not sufficient. So those days are even longer and more troublesome for my feet.

The only solutions would be to retire early.

I agree with the above statement your compression it is far too tight for the numbness and there pins and needles it is stopping the circulation you need to get your compression remeasured or maybe you haven't put it on correctly and pulled it up tight enough or it's falling down and trapping a nerve. Yes I would mention it to your lymphedema specialist as soon as possible

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