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Compression garment with a stoma?

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I've developed Lymphedema after bladder and 28 lymphnodes removed recently. My certified lymphedema therapist had me get a capri type compression garment that goes from the waist to below the knees. I don't feel good about covering my stoma and pouch with the tight garment, fearing it could slow or stop movement of urine which might back up to kidneys. Would appreciate knowing if anyone with abdominal stoma has had experience with using compression over it. Thanks much.

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Do you have the stoma attached to the abdominal wall, or a supra-pubic catheter leading to a collection bag? Have you spoken to your urology team? There are garments available with ‘vents’ or openings to cope with situations like this.

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Thanks very much, Lynora. The stoma opens on the abdominal wall -- no catheter. I apply a pouch over the stoma and it drains through a tube to either an overnight drainage bag or a daytime leg bag. I won't see my urologist until next month and haven't inquired of him yet. I did not know about vented or openable garments. Nor did my therapist. I'm her first patient with a stoma. She suggested perhaps a seamstress could create such an opening without compromising the compression of the garment. You've provided very good info!! :-) I will do some research for vented compression garments.

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Are you in the US?

Yes. Rural Montana.

One of my top ten places I would like to revisit!!! Loved Montana.

Get your therapist to contact BSN - they may be able to send a rep to assess/measure you for a bespoke garment. BSN Elvarex garments can be made to provide for all sorts of complicated alterations!

Yes, a seamstress could create an opening, but it may well compromise the garment - best check with the manufacturer first - or get BSN on the case.

Hi Lynora,

Glad you love Montana. I travel 65 gorgeous miles to my therapist once or twice a week; otherwise, I'm not out in the wilds of "Big Sky Country" until I get better at all the equipment involved with the illeoconduit stoma and with issues involved with lymphedema. I have just gone to the BSN Elvarex website, and will ask my therapist to check it out when I see her on Wednesday. I really appreciate your taking the time to share your knowledge with me. Blessings on you! ~Mary Kay

Hi. I'm 67 and wear compression tights over my stoma that were prescribed by my McMillen Specialist nurse. In England there is a company called Comfizz that supply stoma guards so I'm not sure if there is a company in the states that do the same if you are worried about pressure on your stoma and bag. I wear a two piece baseplate and bag and hook up to a night drainage bag. My nurse taught me SLD (Self Lymphatic Drainage) as they don't provide MLD on the NHS. I walk my dog for at least two hours every day and try to make time to go swimming as its by far the best exercise for massaging your lymph as well. I do hope you find comfort as its important to feel confident in what you are doing. Good luck and ask for lots of advice. The LSN Support Network is also a good source website.

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Hi Blondieone, and thank you very much for replying to me. I'm happy to learn that compression over the stoma isn't going to cause a back-up of urine. My research into US suppliers includes StomaArmor,, which seems to be more for military stomates, and OstomySecrets,, which seems to be for younger folks. Your referral to Comfizz is really great, and I will continue to learn from that site. They say they ship worldwide, and that may end up being what I will need to do to get appropriate products sent to Butte, Montana USA.

Take good care of yourself and know you are doing good things for newbies! ~mkc

You're very welcome. I've only had my stoma a couple of years after my bladder removal and hysterectomy known as a full anterior clearance. My stoma products are by Coloplast and they have informative care on their website but obviously doesn't mention Lymphoedema. May you have continued health improvement and stay positive. 😀x

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