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Compression Working

I was newly diagnosed some 7-8 months ago and through pushing hard got to see a macmillan nurse specialist who recommended class three below knee made to measure compression stockings. I have now worn these for approximately six months and on my follow up appointment last week the nurses were extremely pleased with the results.

It appears as though my leg measurements are near normal and my skin is relatively normal. I still have some infection from folliculitis type infection but she has again recommended a referral back to the dermatologist in relation to antibiotics to ensure i get no further bounce back infections.

They have requested a further three pairs of stockings which i am hoping to pick up the prescription for this week.

What i have learned is that without the compression my legs swell and the pain increases.

It is therefore vitally important to use the prescribed compression garments, going without is not an option. I read the posts and advice given by all of the members and being a sceptic thought i would be ok with doing my own thing and just wearing the compression stockings when i felt like it. I was wrong they need to be worn everyday. Even in a forty five degree heatwave in Lanzarote on holiday i found a way of wearing them. I would wear them when i got up about 6 go for a walk and stop wearing them about 10.30. I would then spend a lot of the time in and out of the pool during the day and then wear them again at night. This worked for me, if i didn't have any compression in the morning i found by night time i was struggling to wear my flip flops.

I know we learn these things ourselves but i would urge everyone new to this condition to listen to all of the good advice given on this site and remember not to give up.

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I agree with you completely. My right arm was 28% bigger than my left one. Wearing my sleeve for 6 months it came down to 8% and I was told I needn't wear my sleeve all the time. To wear it when I did heavy housework.(windows etc) When I went back to the clinic 6 months later my arm was back up to 18%. It then took about 3 months of continuous wearing to get it back down. It's now 3%. I wear my sleeve every day but take it off in the evening if I'm going out. You have to find what works for you.


I'm with you on thisTaffia, I find if I wear my sleeve and glove every day I can get away without wearing it on a night out xx

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Couldn't agree more, having been given 'off the shelf' garments for the first few years of my condition I now have made to measure, the difference in just a few weeks is brilliant. Even if your condition is classed as 'mild' push for these because as tv commercials tell us all the time - 'you're worth it'


sound advice, initially I think we all think we could do our own thing but its vital to wear garments correctly and when recommended. I went to Cyprus in oct 13 it was hot but I wore my stockings on both legs, I took them off for swimming etc but manged ok although I initially thought I wouldn't, we all find our own way.


Hi guys, I wear mine all the time except at night. They are like a second skin and I will always remember when I starting wearing my first one. My arm was very swollen. I felt so good! Felt like I was 10 years younger. Less fatigue more appetite.


Talking about garments, is anybody wearing a night garment and how does it feel? Are they useful?

My arm and fingers tend to swell overnight. I tried to wear my gauntlet at night although I know u are not supposed to.


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