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compression garment problem

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Hello fellow lymphies. I desperately need help as I can no longer get my leg compression garment on.!! I have bought a sock aid but that doesn't help.I use a compression pump, but not every day. I just cannot physically manage any more as I have a back problem. Any ideas would be gratefully received ! Thank you. I do need to wear my leg compression garment daily as I know my leg will just get bigger if I dont wear it. HELP.

12 Replies
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Are you in the UK? Do you have a Lymphoedema Nurse or access to a clinic?

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Sorry,I see you are in the UK 😬

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I think it’s something that worries us all . Other than trying other aids such as Ezyas ( lymph United talks about it ) which might work but still requires a degree of bending have you spoken to your gp and social services to see if you would qualify for a care plan with help from carers ? It’s something that a lot of people still regard as a stigma but I feel that attitude needs to change . A care plan can actually be really useful . This issue surely comes into the category where we need help to dress ourselves . Many years ago when I was much younger I went down this route when I found myself stuck in the bath on one scary occasion and they provided proper grip handles etc . I didn't need anything else at the time but it gave access to a system where my future needs could be reviewed as further difficulties arise ,

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I'm not sure how things work in the UK as I'm in the US, but my legs change size so much from one day to another that I wasted so much money on compression garments that just wouldn't work. My therapist helped me order a Circaid reduction kit that consists of a Velcro leg piece. It's so much easier to put on for me than the stockings and lasts much longer as well. Maybe this might be an option for you?

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Try your local provider of the stockings for another aid. Some aids are better than others! And do practise. I go my foot stuck in my appliance. Scary, but with practise, .better now.

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Hi, it might be worth considering compression wraps, they are flat and secured by velcro straps, there are many varieties and they are available on the NHS.

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I had the same probkem, but a Hungarian nurse set me on the path to solving it. I am NOT medically qualified, but everything I did has been approved in Europe. If you go to

I write about what I did. Good luck

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Hi Vrissianna I understand where your coming from with the struggle to get you compression garment on. I was diagnosed with lymphedema in both legs from knee down. I have M.S so I knew it would be a real struggle to get my garments on myself. I asked a friend to help fit them but the timings for both of us just didn't work. So now I use the little blue silky sock that is included in pack. Someday it's easier than others depending how 🤔 much pain I'm in with my M.S and Arthritis. They do have lots of other aids on amazon and sites to help with the aid of fitting. I do hope you manage to find a solution. Wishing you all the very best 👌 keep well and safe.


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Hi, someone mentioned the Ezy As gadget. We were given one of these by the lympho clinic as we were really struggling and I have fairly severe mobility issues. I can't lift my leg up enough to do this by myself sitting down like the video, but you may be luckier that you aren't at that stage. So my son helps me but it has really greatly improved the procedure of putting on/taking off stockings. As long as I lean on the desk and my stick while standing, he holds the cuff still on the floor and I can just about get my foot high enough to put it in through, and step down into it that way, which is also shown in the video. They also show using the cuff to help you get the stockings off, sitting down. It all depends on your mobility level and if very poor, then whether you can get someone to help you, I'm afraid. It's difficult to explain it, it's better to see it in action, if you haven't already. It's well worth a look at these two youtube videos on the Ezy As channel, it might help you to know whether this gadget would work for you or not. I hope this isn't a violation of rules, I don't see why it would be - it's the official Ezy As youtube channel's demonstration videos. Sorry if you already know all about this gadget. All the best, the struggle is very real!

Putting stockings on:

Taking stockings off:

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the other thing to consider might be comfiwave garments by haddenham. Recent research has shown that these can provide nearly as much support as normal compression garments . I’ve tried them and they are much easier to put on . Some people just use them at night and it still has an effect . Well worth looking into .

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a useful address ?

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