Was diagnosed about 2 years ago having referred myself to a lymphoedema practitioner. probably had since I was 7 but didn't know what it was and nobody else did. Painful legs with swelling main problems. Beta blockers finished me off-now off them. Now have weekly MLD massage privately, go to toning tables 2-3 times weekly wear knee high stocking (made to measure) and am actively on a weight reduction programme and have lost 5 stone +. All these things have enabled me to walk better and longer distances which I try and do regularly (I was nearly immobile at end of 2015) I now feel that I am managing the condition quite well having got over the initial annoyance that it is incurable. The legs have improved considerably -much smaller and don't ache as much. (although standing is a problem for any length of time. Mine is probably genetic and I have an underactive thyroid and psoriatic arthritis (at present inactive). I think that the thyroid problem has a lot to do with the condition because when the gland started working age 24 I had no bother with legs until it stopped again at 40.

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  • Many congratulations on losing the 5 stone, i hope life continues to go well for you x

  • thanks it hasn't been easy but I am still persevering

  • Good for you. You must be having a much better life now. Keep up the good work xx

  • thanks-I am

  • Well done, I have bilateral pitting edema below knees and lymphedema above knees only diagnosed Aug last year, I had hyperthyroidism over 20 year ago and had 3 radio active capsules as the first 2 didn't have any effect but now it is hypo and on thyroxine 125mg per day.

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