World Lymphoedema Day

Hi Everyone

Did you know that the second World Lymphoedema day is taking place on March 6th?

I believe I read that there are 150 million people suffering from the condition worldwide. The emphasis this year is on finding a cure, if indeed that is possible. Last year's theme was to spread the word around the world and increase awareness of the condition.

I'll see if I can send the details to Health Unlocked.

Good luck to you all! Jude4

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  • Hi again!

    I've discovered a reference to World Le. Day on this site, and also on: if any reader is interested in looking!

    Sincerely, Jude4

  • I posted on my Facebook yesterday and set up to fundraise.....and I've £90 already! Every little helps! Please do share what you have! X

  • That's fantastic!

  • 😊😊😊

  • u r a star!

  • It's Lymphoedema Awareness Week in the UK from 5th-11th March. The LSN is running its 'Sock it' campaign to raise awareness

  • I have my awareness raising green ribbon from LSN to wear as well!!

  • Hi there — I just signed this petition to World Health Organization (WHO): Designate “Lymphedema: Awareness & Cures” as the 2018 World Health Day Campaign for WHO

    Will you sign as well? Every signature helps, and if you sign *right now* it will really build momentum. Head here, then help me recruit more as well!

    Thanks! Olivera

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