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working with Lymphoedema


Do other people find it a strain trying to find part time work that is not too strenuous for their condition. I can do customer service work if there is not a great deal of typing, but find myself on the dole again. Are other people claiming for disability and is this possible?

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You are not alone finding working a challenge. My LE is in my legs and I do receive PIP/personal independence payment which has replaced Disability living allowance. Others I know who have LE (arm and legs) also receive PIP. When you complete the application (call PIP number -Google it and they send you the claim form), fill it out describing your very worst day. It takes several weeks for the claim to be processed but it back dated to claim date if approved. Look at the guidance on PIP on DWP web site. Take care x

I work as a mental health nurse I was full time but now only 30 hours, I would like to do something else but know employers will be reluctant to take me on. I have worked for thirty years as a nurse only having lymphoedema for four years and do have to try and restrict my duties.

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hi, am new here, but like you am a staff nurse with bilateral lymphoedema (legs)along with bone on bone osteoarthritis in my hip. it is really hard to find sympathetic employers and trying to change jobs is a non starter !! Am fast coming to the conclusion i am going to have to give up my career and become a statistic on benefits !!

There is just no guarantee how you will feel hour hour to hour let alone day to day. I find I can get up in the morning with energy and just tank 2 hours latter. Not to mention the pain I get in legs. I have also found that over time this disease just get worse. It's very frustrating.

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This is so true. No-one can tel you how you will feel and each individual is different.

Each day is different for everyone as you say you can feel fine one minute and very low and in pain the next with restricted mobility. I feel it is your body telling you that you need to rest your legs and take a break.

As I have been told numerous times. Listen to your body it knows what it wants and what you can not do today do another day or get some help from others.

I am at stage 4 and have been told it is irreversable so I now do what my body will allow. I would love to go for a long walk and a swim but I just do not have the energy so I find something else to occupy my mind whilst I am resting and use an indoor exercise bike even though I try to use it everyday I can only manage 2mins before I have to rest. So little and often is better than nothing. I struggle with my weight now 16st. I have been told this is due to Lymphoedma as I am on a fat free diet with low carbs and have been for many years.

Amen to that

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