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Hello everyone. I went for a lymphatic reflexology appointment last week the therapist was great and had medical knowlegde (nursing ). However having been measured from te knee down before treatment and then after I was very disappointed that the left leg had increased in size. The following days the lymphoedema had moved up to the top of the leg and was uncomfortable. I have lymphoedema from my waist to my toes the most difficult part is the abdominal area. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.Looking forward to hearing from anyone in terms same situation. Like loads of us in am not getting any MLD from my clinic apparently I don't need it. I do massage nearly every day and have done for 21 yesrs (boring but necesssry). I also wear my compression hosiery 365 days of the year.

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Hi Patsy - I've never heard of lymphatic reflexology. I'm doing a massage course at the moment - reflexology isn't being covered in depth - I'm a skeptic when it comes to meridians and rubbing feet to fix ailments elsewhere in the body. Well, if it appears to make your lymphoedema worse, best to stay away from it?? I love doing MLD. Yes, unfortunately most of the public clinics (I'm from Oz) just don't have the time or funding to do MLD for their clients. And research is thin on the ground to justify it. But, it is a part of the 'gold standard' of care for lymphoedema (MLD, exercise, skin care, compression), so keep it up. With the abdomen, make sure you are doing your deep breathing exercises, massage your tummy every day (twice if you can), and stay active and try to maintain a healthy weight. I'm sure you know all this. Thanks for sharing your experience. I wonder if anyone else here has tried lymphatic reflexology.

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Hi. I myself personally have not tried lymphatic reflexology and when I asked my Nurse Specialist about it she shook her head and poo-poo'd the idea. However, on Facebook there is a website specifically on this subject and it has lots of contributors - people who have it regularly (providing they can find a therapist) and those who have been trained in this Lymphatic Reflexology and have many success stories to tell. Anyone who is unsure about this kind of treatment should read this Facebook page -


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