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I have lymphoedema in my right leg and groin from a cancer op last year i also have restless leg syndrome. Could so eone please tell me if either can cause the leg to give way please? Im in constant pain and find it hard to walk. I do have compression tights that i wear from the lympoedema nurse. In the last few days my right leg has given way and i find it hard tomput weight on it

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  • I would advise you to consult your GP or lymphoedema nurse as soon as you can - just to get these new symptoms checked out.

  • Hi You sound like your compression wear is rubbish get a GP app and ask for Farrow wraps they are brilliant

    Good luck


  • Do you have restless foot or leg?

  • Dr and lymph nurse do you have made to measure or off the shelf stockings I have spins bifida and my made to measures help me stand better ish you may have something not connected to lymph or cancer so get it checked ....

  • After 20 years of swelling legs last year was diognosed with Lymph -I have been attending a Lymph clinic. Most are connected to a Cancer Hospise and as i have never had cancer it was a bit frightning.

    They gave me long soxand a leg wrap and got my docter to oerscribe cream that o put on 2 times a day.

  • Hi Crafting lady- I have removed your mobile as, even though this is a closed group one can not be too careful - If people want to get in touch with individuals using the private message option is safer fro everyone.

  • Where do i find the Priviate message option--we dont have enough contact with people in our near area that have Lymph and it is nice to have a voice you can talk to . Has nobody thought that this might be a good idea. My Lymph clinic was talking of a drop in morning for a chat and a coffee but nothing came of it .

  • the info about how to private message can be found here.

  • Through this site I met someone who lives locally. A general request/ post went out for people living in North West London. We private messaged each other from that. We only live 2 miles apart so met in a local coffee shop. We now meet every few weeks, and also got to know enough about each other to be open about personal details like exactly where we do live. We hardly talk about our lymphoedema, though, much more about our interests and life in general. No idea whether the person who originally asked for the information ever used any of it - we just used it to do our own thing.

  • I have lymphoedema in both of my legs and have suffered a similar thing recently but it's been because I've also developed arthritis so I'd agree with the other posts and ask for advice from a health professional . Having your leg give way makes you feel quite vulnerable as you never know when it might happen and it can also leave you at risk of falls which has its own risks for anyone with lymphoedema so help and advice is important

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