Good morning, I've just recovered from a nasty dose of cellulitis in my arm. Have finished antibs and feeling heaps better. I put my sleeve on yesterday for the first time in two weeks and found it very uncomfortable. I only managed 3 hrs whilst we did food shopping( OH did all the packing and carrying). Do I carry on trying even though it's uncomfortable or just leave it for a bit longer. I usually wear my sleeve all day.

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  • Not able to answer your question, but maybe a call to your lymphodema nurse to get some advice from them, good luck x

  • Build up to wearing it full time. Today it was 3 hours - try 3 and a half tomorrow - increase it incrementally until you feel more comfortable. There may be some additional swelling following the cellulitis, which may need a bit longer to dissipate, which may be why it's uncomfortable now.

  • I agree with Lynora. When I have new sleeves, it takes my arm a bit of time to get used to them as they are obviously stronger than the older ones. I find that I have to wear them for less time but gradually build it up. I mentioned this to my lymphoedema nurse but she said that was fine. As you have had a bout of cellulitis it might be best to give your lymphoedema nurse a ring to make sure. I hope you didn't carry your shopping with your lymphoedema arm? Hope things improve x

  • Good advice above. Have you had decongestive therapy before (?bandaging of arm to reduce fluid level). Has your arm increased in size/heaviness since cellulitis? If so, the sleeve will probably be too tight in places - you need to get the extra fluid out before your sleeve fits well again. Your therapist can advise. Or if you know how to bandage your arm, do this for a day or two, then try your sleeve again. Best to check with your therapist - even just a phone call may help you work out what to do.

  • Unfortunately I don't have a therapist. I visit the Breast Cancer clinic annually and the BC nurses measure my arm and advise me. I've paid privately for MLD in the past. I wore my sleeve from 10am to 5pm today. Will keep wearing it for a bit longer each day. Thank you for your reply.

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