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New fitted lymphodema glove.

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I am new here. I've been fitted for a lympodemia sleeve and glove. I was told at the medical supply to wear both sleeve and glove all day? How is one to wear this glove all day when we wash our hands a lot at the kitchen sink, use the bathroom, etc. etc. Also, I can't wear this glove more than 1/2 hour when red marks develop under my knuckles and my palm feels hard with fluid. And how can the hand fluid drain past the bottom cuff of the sleeve when it's tight? Frustrated!

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Sounds like the measurements are not right. Were you given ‘made to measure’ or off the shelf garments?

Did you start by wearing them all day, the first time you tried them? I encourage my clients to wear them for short periods - 1hr first day, 2hrs next day and so on. However, if you have red weals, and the palm is swelling, then something is not right. It can take several attempts to find an appropriate product!

Are you in the UK?

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myso1951 in reply to Lynora

I just got the sleeve and glove at a medical supply store and I was measured there. The lady said to wear both all day. I can't wear the glove more than 1/2 hr. and I get red grooves under my knuckles and my hand is more swollen before I got these two items. The sleeve is o.k., but it won't drain the hand as I believe it won't get past the bottom cuff of the sleeve. I will be seeing my lympodema therapist tomorrow and maybe she will have a better solution.

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Fotogo in reply to myso1951

I have the same problem. I don’t wear the gloves. I buy my sleeves long and pull it up to my hand just to the knuckles. Not as effective as a glove but for me a glove is impossible.

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myso1951 in reply to Lynora

oh, and I like your idea of wearing the sleeve 1 hr. the first day and 2 hrs. the second. I might run that past my therapist. And I am in the U.S.A.

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Perido in reply to myso1951

As Lynora says, it can take several attempt to find the right product. It's been trial and error for me since I started wearing a compression stocking about 2.5 years ago plus toe caps about 1.5 years ago. My stocking is a custom made flat knit; it took about 3 attempts before I got something that works and is wearable. My toe caps are seamless off the shelf (OTC): the size (small) that theoretically fits me hurts my toes but the size (medium) up from that works better for me - it was a chance discovery on account of an admin error. All told I've had to make a bit of a pest of myself (politely) to get the compression garments I need - it's been uphill all the way. I hope you get a good solution soon. I'm in the UK.

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myso1951 in reply to Perido

I see you both are from the UK. Which, has Universal Health Care. With me, being from the U.S.A., Medicare (which is supposed to be insurance for the elderly) won't pay for these products. The glove was $162.00 and the sleeve was $88.00. Medicare for the elerly isn't very good, as it doesn't cover what the elderly need, i.e. dentures, hearing aids, glasses, etc. I assume your several attempts for the right product was free of charge?

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AnneBury in reply to myso1951

In England there is a prescription charge for medicines - around 10 dollars an item. However, loads of people, including, the elderly don't pay. I believe far more people get prescription medicines free than pay for them. We moan about our National Health Service - it is not perfect,. but it is free and for all. I have had Lymphoedema since I was a child - I am retired now, and reasonably healthy. I can't imagine it if I had not got all my treatment for free - even though I did have to pay for prescription charges when I was working and you do have to pay for ongoing MLD (if you want it).

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CCT67 in reply to myso1951

This is a UK based since hence the responses from the UK :-)

We don’t have an insurance system like the US. I know how aggravating the system is over there from 23 years of living under it before returning to the UK - it was bliss to leave the privatised insurance set up.

Speak to your therapist about your ill fitting glove. I know first hand that the medical shop fitters in the US are often poorly informed about how to properly measure and fit lymphoedema compression garments. Even with proper measuring/fitting it can take a few attempts to get the right product and fit for each individual.

A general rule to go by - if garments cause discomfort or pain of any sort then they are incorrectly fitting, don’t wear.

In the meantime try to elevate, do SLD, and lymph moving exercise. Take care

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myso1951 in reply to CCT67

What is SLD?

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CCT67 in reply to myso1951

Self Lymphatic Drainage.

Ask your CLT to show you how to do this

Yes it does sound a bit tight. I have all in one sleeve now I could not tolerate separate...

You need to get used to using one good hand and just washing your good hand...or put disposable glove on to wash hands properly

Ask for a made to measure arm sleeve with gauntlet. You can pull the hand part back when washing your hands. I found my hand swelled up like a blown up rubber glove when I wore the arm sleeve that came to the wrist. Hope this helps.

I had that problem with my fingers when gauntlet was changed from class 2 to class 3.

Got class 3 sleeve with fingers atm but it’s a pain in the whatsit trying to get it on. Use Ezy-As gadget - need small for hand (got tiny wrist) but can only get sleeve half-way up my arm, really needing medium size for rest of arm.

Got review soon, going to see if there is an option to have sleeve from arm to wrist with separate hand piece which overlap each other.

I'm UK - don't know if you have equivalent in US but I would be yelling: "These garments do not fit correctly and hence are 'not fit for purpose' if I had paid for them. This is Consumer Law in UK - don't know anything about US law, sorry. Whether 'off the shelf' or 'made to measure' it doesn't sound like they fit correctly.

I've just changed to a new type of Juzo all-in-one with overheight top & fingers down to cuticles. Wear gloves for dish washing but it's hell in the bathroom lol. I wash with sleeve in place & spend ages 'blotting' sleeve with towel, or a queue forming behind me after repeated cycles of hand dryer!

Go back to the supplier, there is obviously something wrong.

I wear them all night in bed, I find it better than all day.

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myso1951 in reply to Patann

I was told not to wear them all night. That is when the fluid goes down and to put them on first thing in the a.m.

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Fotogo in reply to Patann

I been told not to do that. But I'm finding out conventional wisdom isn’t always best. I’m going to try it. Would be a better solution. Thank you!

I was told by my Lymphodema clinic that I could wear them during the night,

I did not like wearing them at all , so this was the solution for me.

I am going to have a massage when the salons open to.

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Sheilamoose in reply to Patann

If having a massage make sure whoever does it is familiar with lymphoedema. Correct massage starts at the top of the arm/leg, not at the fingers/toes.

It’s a bit like a traffic jam - you have to clear the area in front of the queue in order to shift the backlog; exactly the same principle which applies to lymphatic fluid.

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Sheilamoose in reply to Patann

I wear finger to shoulder garments during the day & do compression bandaging at night, every night.

You should not be wearing compression hosiery at night. If they are uncomfortable, you need to be fitted with something else. Half the battle is finding something you are happy with - if you don’t like it, you will be reluctant to wear it!

Sounds to me like the glove does not fit properly! It certainly should not be leaving red marks under your knuckles. Have you phoned your clinic to tell them what is happening? - if not, do it straight away

Hi there, I know what you mean when you say your palm is hard with fluid, i have this issue too if the glove is too tight. did you get sorted? Would love to know

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