Health Insurance and Lymphedema

My insurance company which is United Healthcare is refusing to continue treatment for MLD for my daughter. We have been fighting them for over a year and after each appeal they only authorize a few treatments and then the process begins all over again. Can anyone who has experienced this give me advice for dealing with insurance companies and getting authorization to pay for MLD treatments?

Thank you

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  • Are you in the USA? The NLN should be able to help and advise

  • Yes, I live in Texas. I will contact the NLN. Thank you.

  • Wankemom sorry to hear about the insurance debacle. I just do not understand it. I am actually thinking after I have my surgery (at end of November recover ) of starting a support group in my area. Was thinking we could each learn to do the MLD and wraps on others who need it and can't afford it. In my area people just don't know about this disease. If I could wish for one thing, I would wish that all those who have control over insurance coverage would spend some time in our shoes. Maybe then something would get done.

  • Hi LSN here - please would you consider changing your user name as we have had concerns raised that it ay be offensive to some and I would not wish to have to block your conversations. Kind regards.

  • I can change it but Wanke is my last name. It doesn't mean anything offensive.

  • It is pronounced One-key.

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