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Travel Insurance and Medical screening

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Please Help

Does anyone know of travel insurance companies that cover cancer related lymphoedema?

I have just been refused on the basis I have an operation in the pipeline for June.

It's a special Birthday. I booked the holiday in September last year not knowing I would get the operation.

Many Thanks

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Who is declining cover? Your usual insurer? Do you already have lymphoedema? Where are you going? Is it a 'high risk country (for infectious diseases)? A long haul flight?

Some companies are no problem - but there are a few who simply won't take the risk. My bank covers travel insurance, amongst other things.

Use the search option on this page, and put either travel or insurance as the key word - this subject has cropped up before.

Has your travel agent got any suggestions?

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Happy2015 in reply to Lynora

Hi Lynora

Insurewith was recommended and refused me as I have an operation in June.

My bank provides travel insurance but lymphoedema is excluded.

I'm flying to Las Vegas and Cancun, quite a few flights.

Someone has suggested insure pink

I'll try again today. Just panicked last night.



Travel in 3 weeks, operation not until June, no confirmed date but I been officially told so need to declare. Seems odd why it would impact. I've never had issues before with insurance nor when been abroad. It's further afield for me, Las Vegas and Cancun, quite a few flights so I just need to watch myself.

Thanks and I'll hopefully get it sorted today.

When are you travelling? Is the surgery cancer related? Could it be deferred until after the trip? Do you have lymphoedema?

If you are travelling soon after the surgery, then you will be judged as 'high risk'. Also, will you cope with so much upheaval after surgery? What does your consultant think?

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Happy2015 in reply to Lynora


No, the surgery is in June, Lipo with Mr Munnoch. I fought to get it so not changing.

It's just that I booked the holiday in Sept last year prior to knowing I would get chance of surgery.

I've got right leg lymphoedema. Have never had any issues with insurance before. I'll keep trying today.


Good luck with surgery. My nurse and surgeon have tried to get me meeting with Mr Munnoch and had no luck so far as I badly want lipo on my left leg ... Can I ask how you managed Happy2015


It depends what state your condition is, as he has a certain criteria before he will even see you. It just won't work if it's still fluid, needs to be hard. No evidence of pitting oedema. I think that's the terminology. Messaged you x

Do you have primary or secondary lymphoedema?

How soon after the surgery will you be travelling? The recovery/convalescence period after this surgery varies hugely between patients.

You will leave his ward well armed with compression garments, and if he knows you are travelling, he will advise your GP to supply you with prophylactic anti-biotics, just in case you succumb to cellulitis - as sadly this happens, and can cause huge problems!

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Happy2015 in reply to Lynora


It's secondary!

Operation not till June, so unsure why I was knocked back for surgery that's 4 months away.

I fly in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the other info, I wasn't sure what the recovery would be post operation. Was planning on getting a few holidays in before the operation lol


In which case, recommend you contact Macmillan, as they have information on Travel Insurance companies that will provide cover for cancer patients.

Try flexicover. They give(at a price) additional cover for disclosed medical conditions. We have been using them for about 4 years. I need additional cover for Lymphodema and my wife had an op and chemo for bowel cancer 6 years ago. The additional cover can be expensive e.g. Travel to US within 2 years of cancer op isn't cheap. We have had to claim once and found they hand,ed the claim very quickly. I recommend them.

Hi, when I went away to France last year, I tried the Post Office who had insured me cheaply previously. When I declared I'd finished cancer treatment earlier in the year quoted a huge premium! There are companies who will insure you but excluding cover for anything cancer related. This is what I did but I can't remember which company I used. If my husband remembers which company i'll post their details.

Best wishes


Hi, try Saga, I don't know what age bracket you fall into but they are used to dealing with an older audience and therefore 'higher risk' clients. good luck. NNE

Thanks all!

Got cover there through Just Cover Travel

£100 for annual worldwide.

Flexicover agreed too but they wanted about £90 just for lymphoedema but then you have to take a standard travel policy too varying from £40 upwards.

I spoke to a very very nice man at Insure Cancer who said I was too fit for them, but who said if I was really struggling to call him back. He agreed that most companies just go through a tick box and don't explore properly.

Thanks again, I was really worried! X

Hi I have lymphoeddema in one leg and one arm result of skin cancer and 8 ops

I use their phone no is 0800 999 333.

I travel about twice a year and use them and find the inexpensive.

Good holidaying.

try sports cover direct, they insured me.

Good news about liposuction...I am thrilled for you ! My bid has been declined by my CCG 4 times now.

My Lymphoedema is secondary to B C & I have been insuring with a company called MIA but you seem to be organised now.

I can only buy a po.icy 2 weeks before I travel though & my GP has to record on my notes that I am well.

Money Saving Expett has a list of Pre existing condition specialist companies by the way but post Surgety is a critical time as even my cataract surgery was excluded 4 weeks before we flew off. Good jb you are going pre op rather than post.

Have a wonderful time and no doubt you will take tons of anit mosquito preparations.

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Thank you for your lovely thoughts! I do hope you get what you deserve too! Keep frightening! 🙏🏼

in reply to Happy2015

I may get what I deserve but I am certain I won't get Liposuction at St Georges. They have had very little success with bids to CCG's.

I was going to pay but it's 10 12k by the same team. I feel a little too old now to be honest as the procedure was first recommended to me 5 years ago. I got the " go ahead " 2 years ago but no funds no procedure.

Hi bigleg,

I am a big fan of Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert as he gives great advice for those with pre-existing medical conditions (follow the link below to read it).

I have used his travel comparison tools for the last 4 years and get really good deals on insurance even with my history of cancer, mitrofanoff, lymphoedema and high blood pressure. Most recently I managed to get trip insurance for myself AND my husband to cover us BOTH for 2-weeks in Turkey for just £26 with all conditions declared and covered. Give it a whirl:

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