New poll to discover if you believe your lymphoedema was caused by having a blood test/injection/drip or blood pressure monitoring

We have been asked to find out if those living with lymphoedema following treatment for cancer believe that it was triggered by somthing like a blood test or blood pressure monitoring. If your swelling happened within 48 hours of having one of the named interventions please take time to fill in our poll.

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  • I had treatment for cancer at The Royal Marsden in Sutton - I have suffered with severe Lymphoedema in both feet, legs and torso after the radiation treatment which was too severe.  It was offered as an alternative to minor surgery in the rectum - in hindsight it would have been preferable to the lifelong LE.  At no time was it mentioned that the radiation therapy carried any risk to the lymphatic system. 

    It was a complete shock when after 5 years the swellings started.   Have very mixed feelings about the poor advice given at the time.  It took another 3 years to get a correct diagnosis!

     Good luck with your survey which seems a bit superficial considering the questions asked are very limited.

  • I had cancer treatment 20 years ago and I was in hospital a long time as I developed complications . I was given injections into the top of my legs daily as I was stuck in bed and I developed lymphoedema in both legs whilst I was in the hospital with swelling initially around my ankles . If I'd have known what I know now I would have insisted that they were not given to me in my legs as I'd just had major stomach and groin surgery . I had all my lymph nodes removed in my hips but they turned out to be cancer free - now the tend to just remove the sentinel node - what a pity knowledge and the risks of lymphoedema was so poor then . 

  • Can't see this survey anywhere?

  • THANK YOU!  Nor can I !

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