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doctors say to loose some weight as they say that my problems with my legs are related to my weight, now the thing is my partner and I only go out twice a month and treat ourselves to things only twice a month when we can afford it, but at home we eat healthy food, as we have animals, and we rather have our animals eating well then spending our money on junk food and fast foods all the times, and we aren't really over weight, and its a bit hard to do exercise when you live in remote areas and don't have the facilities or places to exercise in and I cant walk not even 5 minutes without experiencing pain and I cant even bend as the pain gets too much, and I was in hospital two weeks ago cause of the pains on my legs and the swelling and my blood sugar and blood pressure went down under their care.

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Hi Genny - I know you are in Tasmania - have you been diagnosed with Lymphoedema or Lipoedema or even lipolymphoedema?

For people who don't eat badly, but have limited mobility so find it difficult to exercise, it can help to keep a food diary for 7 days. (If you have a smart phone, you can get a free app for this). Either you (or the app) can calculate daily calorie totals. If you are currently taking in 2000 cals or more, reduce the amount to 1800 - for about a week - if no loss (between 800g - 1kg) then lower the amount to 1700 cals per day - if still no loss, you may well be dealing with Lipoedema which means a whole different approach. Come back to me then!

Could you do seated exercise? I do a class with wheelchair patients. There are lots available on YouTube.


Hi lynora, this is interesting. I would be grateful if you could shed more light on what happens in the body with lypoedema. I too do all I can to exercise. Swimming is best but i don't get there in truth. My diet is good and I yo yo within half a stone all the time. Doctors don't seek to take into account LE and put BMI down using regular calculations which I find embarrassing on paper as I don't look overweight in the top half, only my lymphoma legs. Love flowerdancer.


There is some interesting information about lipoedema here - and also, if you put the American spelling (lipedema) into a Google search, even more stuff will come up. Using BMI values with a lipoedema patient is pointless.


Hi Lynora. Thank you so much fot this. Flowerdancer.


Do they put this condition down to weight


They always say lose weight that will help I lost 25 stone it did not help at all as my mobility is worse plus my legs are so heavy with swelling I have a job lifting them


Hi Genny, the key to losing weight is changing what you eat. Do you have a community health Centre nearby? Seek advice from your local community nurses and dietitians.


Do they put this condition down to being overweight??


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