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Compression Bandaging & Blood Pressure


Been to Specsavers (other opticians available, lols); but at end of test optician showed me pics they took of back of eyes & I've got a massive bleed behind right eye. He had letter written for GP as soon as he saw the photos before even testing my eyes. He says I've got to have some blood tests done & blood pressure check.

He says it looks like it could be: "Diabetic Retinopathy which is bleeding at the back of the eyes of people with diabetes." Thanks a lot I thought - don't need any more problems or hospital visits!

My blood pressure has always been so low my Dr always jokes: "Speak to me to check you are alive!" Took letter to GPs this afternoon, clerk opened it & told me to shove my arm in the machine in the corner & give her the slip of paper it printed. Did it twice - was 186/105, then 182/110. That sounds bad to me, but no Drs/nurses/healthcare assistants there for rest of day as all gone to training lecture.

Since going to St George's beginning of October I have had arm permanently in compression bandaging while waiting for new compression sleeves to arrive (been taught how to do it properly). Could compression bandaging be responsible for blood pressure reading being off the radar?

Anyone else had this happen? & 'No, I did not put bandaged arm in machine!' lols

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You really do need to discuss this with your GP - and soon. Not sure why the optician didn’t arrange an urgent referral to your local eye hospital.

Are you diabetic?

in reply to Lynora

No I'm not diabetic (that I know of) but got just about everything else known of to man lol.

Docs back today so they will contact me first thing. Clerk said would scan letter into system immediately & highlight so should be a priority???

I have a left armsleeve and my optician showed me a 'flame haemorrage' on the retina of my left eye and asked me to get blood pressure checked. No problem with blood pressure though, and on repeat visit 4 weeks later there was no sign of it. But if it had still been present or deteriorated he would have referred me to eye hospital.

Had phone call from surgery first thing this morning. I’ve got bloods booked for kidney function test on Monday, so they have added tests for sugar levels & asked nurse to check blood pressure then.

Been searching net nonstop but can’t find anything relating to tight compression bandaging & blood pressure.

Bit worried as, according to chart found on net, it’s at ‘stroke risk level’. Already had 2 strokes, don’t want a 3rd 😩

Fingers crossed for good test outcomes, as you say you don't need any other health issues xx

Tu. Got fingers & all other limbs crossed

The compression is unlikely to raise your blood pressure but anxiety can. Take a deep breath. I hope all goes well with tests and they get your BP down and eyes sorted. 🙏🏼❤️

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