Hey Ladies, Have you heard of Lipo Ladies?

if you also want to join another site if you suffer from Lipoedema then join Lipo Ladies on Face book, you will have a good laugh with them, but also have private chats if to shy to openly share.

Sorry lads its just for us girls, but why not also start up a lads Lipo lads site if its not already formed.

But dont abandon this site, its so good to be able to share with others and pass on hints and tips. I have picked up so much since joining it. But its good to be able to spread the word around isn't it


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  • Thanks ninewells maybe meet you on thr FB site!

  • I hope so Lovesradio, let me know it's you when you do. Great bunch of Ladies


  • Hi

    i am having trouble finding you on face book. l type Lipo Ladys and get some other ladys that l dont think l want to join

  • Hi,

    Kerrikins kindly jumped in before i managed to get back on line Begbatts, hope this helped you find the site if not let me know and i will link you up.

    Ninewells, Look for Bev Walker postings and you will see me LOL

  • The facebook site is a closed group only for ladies who have Lipoedema ! If like me you have developed lymphoedema as a complication of lipoedema then you are welcome to join. the proper title is lipoedema ladies so just try that on facebook. If you google lipoedema ladies then you will also come up with their other non facebook site for infomation, recipes and meetings etc,

    Sorry lads you don't get lipoedema it's a female only complaint!

  • Thanks Kerrikins, I was having a very tired night, hadn't even noticed the rror of the name i had typed, was to bust trying to share the group.


  • *thats bust not bust see hands not to great today, apologies for any typos today guys x

  • OMG just did the same thing again Busy for goodness sake LOL

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