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Can cellulitis infection be very mild?

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I have weird redness in my skin, especially after shower. It looks like a rash but it comes and goes. I don't have a fever, but I do experience chills and tingling sensation in lymphedema parts. With this mild symptoms, I don't suppose a trip to a doctor would be much of help. They'll think I'm hypochondriac with such mild symptoms and there is no blood test for cellulitis. have an appointment for a specialist but I'll be seeing them in December - they probably aren't able to see me faster, I asked.

What do you think? Can it be mild cellulitis or just some other rash?

I'm even wondering if I should just start antibiotics by myself to see what happens!

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Is the shower water hot? Are you causing friction (rubbing) on the skin where you notice the redness? If the redness disappears after the shower, it is very unlikely to be cellulitis. Mention it to the specialist at your appointment.

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Thank you! I think there is some redness when nothing is wrong. Especially after warm water, it is red. Maybe it's not infection, I don't have fever anyways.

I've had a few episodes of mild Cellulitis (mild meaning I didn't have to go Hospital for intravenous antibiotics) which cleared after 2 weeks on oral antibiotics. The redness and skin heat of cellulitis does not come and go depending on an activity or shower. The GP would treat for Cellulitis no matter how mild (not think you're a hypochondriac) but it doesn't sound like cellulitis. A blood test is not usually needed to diagnose cellulitis it's presentation and other sysmptoms usually makes it obvious what it is. I'm my case my groin nodes blew up (one grew to the size of a pear!) before the redness, pain, heat and temperature set in.

Hi Ulverin, it doesn't sound like cellulitis. There can be many reasons for rashes. If it is just with the showering, I would lower the temperature of the water, dry the skin gently, and use a hypoallergenic cleanser versus soap with lots of additives and perfumes. And also make sure the towel you are using is soft and has been rinsed well (no soap in the towel). I've met someone who had terrible rashes after their shower. They had started using a new laundry detergent which they were reacting to. Of course, if you are worried about the rash, check with your doctor.

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Maybe your Lymphoedema doesn't like whatever products you are using in the shower ?

I use only the mildest, gentlest products otherwise my skin reacts, especially those areas with Lymphoedema.

Personally I would take a photograph of the rash and ask my GP about it.

If you're worried there is nothing wrong with seeing your GP now. I had a mild rash on my arm earlier this year - looked a bit like a nettle rash with red, raised almost parallel lines. Discovered in shower. GP put me on antibiotics for a week. Rang lymphodoema clinic and they said the protocol is for 2 weeks. So doc extended to 2 weeks. Nothing is lost by following it through. Hope all goes well for you.

Ps the rash was on my affected lympho arm I meant to say!

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