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Hi everyone - things moving in the wrong direction


I have recently been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis, which is sever pain in the heel of the foot.

I am a primary (all over the place) lymph sufferer and was wondering if anyone else out there has an tips etc. I wear compression on my legs and I think it might be compounding the situation especially with the socks having to work twice as hard with all this heat we're having.

It does get better as long as I walk on it, but getting up during the night is hell.

Grateful for any advice

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hi rother

i get it too & wear strasberg socks for that & achilles tendonopathy at night

they look like this healthandcare.co.uk/plantar... but you'll get them cheaper if you shop around

a low tech solution! you put them on then pull the velcro strap up from your toes & stick it down, so your foot's gently arched & gives the sole a gentle stretch

much easier for trying to get to the loo in the night

the only trouble is, you need to do the top bit of the sock up reasonably tightly - also with velcro - areound the top of your calf & your lymph might not like that

in which case you might be better off with the boots version physioroom.com/product/Phys... or ebay.co.uk/itm/180761602644...

they're bulkier, & you're not supposed to walk on them so have to take them off to get up at night, but they don't put so much strain on your toes

& if you've got a physio they can give you simple exercises to help - a simple one is to roll a tennis ball around with your foot while you're sitting down, but don't press too hard cos it'll really hurt!

hope that's helpful - horribly painful, isn't it, & i don't know about you but it sets of spasm in my legs & back if i don't keep it in check

Hi have you heard of ... Shock-wave therapy ? It's lts a new kind of treatment,

It's sort of like having an ultrasound but it gives out little blue waves on the heel ,when l had this treatment a few months ago the nurse told me its originally used for the pain in the heel .l had it to try and heal vascular ulcers ..it's not painful treatment so worth a try

Google it,hope this helps

I had it in my left foot for 2 years and, despite my scepticism, acupuncture sorted it out. Then had it even worse for 3 years in my right foot and eventually had a procedure called Coblation. That cleared it up. Mr Price at Stafford Nuffield hospital. Lots of places won't perform it cos they say its unproven. Can't see why. It's pretty non-invasive and was amazing for me.

I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for about 10 years now. It comes and goes and I had it before my primary lymphoedema reared its ugly head. The pain is absolutely awful, especially at night if I have to get up to use the bathroom. I dread getting the feeling like I've had an elastic band pinged on the sole of my foot when I walk as I know my plantar tendon has just 'gone' and I end up bouncing around with the pain until I can sit down! I have found that a couple of things help. One is to regularly try and pick up things like pens and pencils with my toes to help stretch and flex the tendon. Another thing I do is gently roll a rolling pin back and forth across the floor with the sole of my foot. The other thing I was taught was to stand on the bottom step of the stairs on the balls of my feet and gently go on tip toe for 30 seconds then down again for 30 seconds.

If you go to arthritisresearchuk.org/inf... and look for the plantar fasciiitis info sheet, it shows the exercises on there plus another one to help stretch the Achilles tendons.

When I was first diagnosed, it was that bad that I was nearly considered for surgery to cut the tendons under my feet to help relieve it by the specialist podiatrist I was under at the time. I opted for the steroid injections in the soles of my feet - wish I hadn't, they were so painful and didn't help. The specialist gave me six weeks to think about the operation and in the meantime I was given the exercises by a physio and I had special orthotic insoles made to slip in my shoes which also helped. I never did go for the op and only have a flare-up a couple of times a year or so nowadays.

This is going to sound completely bizaare but a friend of mine has this problem and tried this remedy. She was able to walk much better.


I had a pain in my heel some years ago, when co-incidently my lymphodema was worse than it is now. I used a Sobathane heel pad. Just put it in my right shoe and some months later the pain went. That was probably 20 years ago and it hasn't recurred.


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