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Hi everyone thankyou for being so supportive


As i mentioned in my last post ive been at my lowest and not coping . Ive been to see my doctor today she was lovely . I mentioned St Johns Wart as its been recommended by you she said this can work really well but because ive not been sleeping well (3 to 4 hrs a night) shes perscribed me mirtazapine i take it just before bed and should help me sleep as well as being a anti-depressent i have to give it time to work but she said its been sucsessful with other patients so fingers crossed. She thinks the pain im having is the fluid pushing against the nerves i have two damaged nerves caused by a previous op so im going to start a low dose of Gabapentin as im allergic to many medications if ok i can increase the dose slowly. As soon as she asked how im feeling in myself that was it the flood gates opened !!! I told her about the recent experience with the guy i was seeing like you guys she was discusted she said i was beautiful and need to start believing it i thought that was a nice thing to say. She gave me phone numbers for local free councilers in my area as i cant drive but she said there not specialised in the problems im having and would be more beneficial if i contact Macmillan and find one i mentioned this forum and how its helped me and i will contact LSN about it. I havent done so yet as my parents were round and i would prefere to contact them when im alone. I have a real good chat with my parents today ive not been very honest with them about how im feeling there was lots of tears i explained i sort of feel a bit of a failure because im not coping ive always been the strong one in my family. They were lovely and very understanding they noticed ive not been myself when they asked in the past i always said i was ok they new i would go to them eventually!!! i feel so much better just talking about it to them and i will continue to do so. I have massage tomorrow straight after work so i will definatly sort the counciling side of things friday. The doctor said i was so strong through the cancer it was like it was happening to some one else i hardly shed a tear and now all that emotion is coming to a head a bit of a delayed reaction and its good to cry and let it all out the sooner i start to talk to the counciler the better. I will find it a bit easier now ive opened up a bit thanks again for all your lovely and very imformative replys xxxx

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well done for taking that step. St John's Wort is brilliant and since 1st September only available on prescription. NNE

Thankyou xx

So pleased you seem so much better in yourself than a few days ago. x.

Thanks i feel a bit more positive now about the future and thats down to the replys ive recieved. I dont know anyone else with lympheodema and have this last year felt quite isolated its hard for a non sufferer to understand how you feel its really helped talking to everyone on here. I just hope this new medication helps the doctor feel confident it will so fingers crossed xx


Well done - you're doing everything right. I was lucky enough to have nine months of therapy after my cancer diagnosis and it made such a difference. It's hard work, and you will still have good days and bad days, but slowly slowly the good days will outnumber the bad and you'll end up an even better person (if that's possible - you seem pretty good already!). Be kind and gentle with yourself, take any help that's on offer, and always remember that you ARE beautiful. X

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thankyou so much that means so much ive been overwhelmed that so many people like yourself have taken time to support me whilst at my lowest i feel more positive about things now xx

Glad you have an understanding GP as they're not all like that. Hope your medicine helps you. If you are taking many types of medicines, check that they are compatible with each other.

Good luck.

Thankyou i will make sure they are. It will take a little while for them to kick in but im feeling a bit better knowing ive taken the first step to getting well xx

I have been reading your correspondence and I have been touched by your situation and all the concerned comments by other people who have encouraged you to take positive action. There are so many kind, caring people in the world, and I'm so pleased you took their advice. But today when I read your post I was moved by your courage and determination, and with what is clearly a new-found confidence in yourself, your honesty in confiding in your parents and their kind and loving support, and the interest of your GP I am sure you are now on the way up. The past is behind you so don't even give a thought to what has gone before. You are in charge now, and although you are getting the help you need to improve no-one else did this. You did. You have moved many people but we'll never know how just how many other people have read the posts and been encouraged by you. Good luck for your continuing improvement and personal happiness.

thankyou so much im quite teary reading your response happy tears for a change !! your right there are so many good people out there like yourself who took the time to reply to me when i felt totally alone it means more than i can say xxxx

Lovely to hear things are going in the right direction. Your GP sounds good. There is always someone to talk to. Macmillan have been helpful to me. Have you joined there forum. You will find many who will understand your feelings due to Cancer/lymphoedema.

thankyou i didnt realise they had a furum to ill look them up . Ive found this one to be very helpful supportive and very informative thanks again for your replys xx

Hi Alison Louise, so pleased we could all help, your first post moved me to tears, but I see you are much more uplifted now. This website is fantastic for receiving advice, but for me, giving advice makes my own experience worthwhile. I think we have all gained something positive from this. Onwards and upwards!

Thankyou so much for all your advice its really helped take care xxx

So glad you have a supportive GP who took time to listen to you. You sound so much happier, wishing you all the best

thankyou i do feel a little more positive now for the future. Being on this forum has really helped thanks for taking the time to reply xx

Well done that girl! You Are Beautiful and your parents clearly love you and welcome the opportunity to be there for you.

Thankyou lovesradio for your very kind and supportive messages means a lot x

No to worry first the frog shows up and then the Prince thank God he left..the next one will be wonderful, caring and perfect for you so keep us posted when he shows up. Good luck

Thanks for your reply goodtimes. Yes i certainly hope so im beginning to thibk i had a lucky

escape!!!! He has phoned a couple of times i dont answer hes not worth the response i can

see that now. Ill let you all know as soon he shows take care x

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