Hi everyone, I'm Kinneo, I have just found this site and like many of you I have had this condition for a very long time, at least 30yrs,

Hi everyone, I'm Kinneo,  I have just  found this site and like many of you I have had this condition for a very long time, at least 30yrs,

I also have developed nerve damage over the last 5yrs under both feet which is very painful all the time, and with the Lymphoedema swelling in my toes, causing them to be permanantly in cramp, can't bend my toes only very slightly, so shoes etc, is a nightmare I agree and when you get to the 4 or 5 e fittings the styles are horrendous,I feel quite insulted at times which makes me pretty irritable,as I had Breast Cancer at 53yrs old 14yrs ago I am not familiar with some of the terms and stuff they use today, very limited then and not a lot of aftercare, so thats a little bit about me and I look forward to getting having a look at all your questions and answers and maybe find something to help me too,,

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  • Welcome to the site, Kinneo. I'm sure you will find some interesting information on this site and if you have any questions for us, I'm sure you will get some answers.

  • Welcome I have found the site helpful..the uk is so far behind USA and Australia..

  • Hi Kinneo welcome to the site. It is a morale booster, help, support, informative, sharing and a lifeline. Love your photo x

  • Welcome Kinneo. My Lympho started 5 years ago after Breast Cancer treatment, along with Neuropathy.

    I've just got back from a lovely weekend away and should be been feeling relaxed, but to be honest I'm so exhausted I just want to curl up in a ball until the pain eases off.

    I used to be a size 5 uk size shoe, now I wear a size 9 to get my feet into them :)

  • Hello, I am in the USA but my mum is from London and have family over there. Things here are judt as dismal. Look for Easy Spirit shoes. I wear a WW width extra side. They are sporty like clogs with a lip in the back to keep your foot in. I'm here if anyone would like to talk.

  • I know how you feel Helen, I bought a pair of canvas type shoe from Widerfit,about two yrs ago, tried them twice hurt my ankles like mad, so threw them on one side,got them out again mths after and I cut and shaped the backout, took the laces out went to the cobbler and he glued and stitched the two eyelet sides a bit wider to the tongue, and made them look like backless trainer shoes, very comfortable, just too expensive from Widerfit, to do it all the time so I am going to try and find something else, I did get a pair of Nike backless trainers in navy 7-4e from the Sgoe Tailor about 3yrs ago and then they disappeared from the book, so it is possible to make them at a cheaper price, I think they were about £25 .00, xx

  • xx Thanks for the welcome messages, glad I found this site, xx

  • Hi Lovesradio, Thankyou for the welcome, I am amazed at all the stuff out there for people to use, unfortunately I never had any of this , I tried a sleeve on my arm once at this clinic, and she had to take it off after a minute it was horrific, I cannot abide anything touching my skin, even my bedclothes, this photo was taken lasy year at my 67th birthday party with the darts girls, had a great time,

  • Hi welcome, I am in the USA but my mum was born in London and I have a lot of family across the pond. I am 58 and had breast cancer at 42. I believe the lymphedema of both my lower legs is a result of the chemo. I finally found good supportive sporty shoes by Easy Spirit . I wear a WW width. They are like clogs with a lip in the back to hold your foot in. They are wonderful. If you have any questionsI've become an expert after all these years. It nice to talk to others that understand.

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