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Any advice?

My husband had Chemo and radio therapy 5 years for bowel cancer. He also had to have an operation and the end result was a colostomy. This time last year his legs started to swell so he consulted his GP. He was referred to an oncologist and a scan showed the cancer had returned. He subsequently had 6 months of chemo. Both his legs are now very swollen and he has to wear ankle to groin stockings. Last week his scrotum started to swell. We are waiting for Whitaker pouch to be fitted. Does anyone have any similar stories or advice?

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Can he be seen by an MLD therapist? Does your local hospital or clinic offer this?


He has a weekly session with a MLD therapist that he pays for as a .

private patient


Could the number of treatments be increased to try and reduce to odema? Is he on a recliner or in bed? Has the therapist suggested Farrow Wrap which is much easier to put on than garments (I imagine this is becoming more difficult as the legs increase). The Whitaker pouch will help to make him more comfortable, but it does little to reduce scrotal oedema. Not a pleasant situation for him - main thing to get him comfortable.


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