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Hi i.m new to this site

I have lemphedema for the last 3or 4 years, and getting worse. my legs & ankles are badley swollen and have bad trouble getting shoes, in fact had to have hospital make some for me but the starting catching my big toe so that got sore and started to swell again, they not very nice looking has are boot sort to help my ankles, so cannot wear skirts or dresses and when it was hot got my feet hot so swelled up again. I have asked about the clinic but they sent me to the orthodics dept, should I just keep asking to see lympho clinic? I am using crutches to help to walk as i.m in so much pain in my feet.

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  • Yes, ask your GP to be referred to the nearest lymphoedema clinic.

    Was there a reason you developed lymphoedema in both legs such as surgery? Cancer treatment? Problems with your circulation? Have you ever been given compression garments to wear to try and help control/reduce the swelling?

  • i had to have operations on both my ankles and that's when it all seem to start, and its effected my circulation. my feet get cold at times.

    Does anyone know were to get and try to buy decent shoes no clumber some looking ones in the summer

  • Hello Caroline-din, a very warm welcome to you. I have lymphoedema in my legs & ankles too and am in exactly the same position as you regarding foot wear. You have my whole understanding about this and it is a complete nightmare. Have not been to the hospital for shoes, I too have tried everywhere, the only place I could recommend is DB wide fitting shoes, based in Northampton, if you google them you can see what they have online and they do sell all sorts, give information regarding foot health etc., I have not bought any as they are too expensive for me. You might be able to find something though.

    I have crutches and a Rollator if needed to go out or too use for the garden. Like you feet swell so much, I end up walking bare footed, but you must not do this it is only an idiot like me that does this, only way I can get relief.

    I am very pleased that you have come to LSN as it is a wonderful site as we are all going through the same thing, some people are a more worse off though.

    I am 100% sure that when people on here see your post you will have replies that will be very helpful to you.

    Take care and wish you good luck in finding some comfy shoes,...............xxxx

  • thank you for your notes. I couldn.t walk bare foot if I wanted too, hurts too much walking anywhere too flat.. I will look at DB but like you most likely cannot afford them

    as only on benefits

  • Hi Caroline-din welcome. As regard to footwear has any one pointed you in the direction of Cosyfeet. I have posted on here before about them. I also have lymphedema in legs and feet and I started off with a normal size foot in a eee so my feet just seemed to swell forever until they felt as though they were going to burst. My old shoes wouldn't go near my feet and that's when I started looking for something to put on. Like most people I went around in old floppy sandals until I discovered the world of ultra wide shoes. Your local clinic will know all about it so it's worth getting your GP to refer you and if like mine he's reluctant to, keep on at him or see someone else in the practice. I sometimes find that the younger doctors are more " up" on the treatment that the more time served ones. Good luck

  • I have tried cosy fit but they are not really any good to me either. As my feet are swollen and under my arches etc seem to hurt when got flat shoes on.

    So do not really know what to try. but fed up with clumber some boot types

  • Hello caroline-din, my feet are more or less the same, I do not know if yours are like mine, fluid all over the feet and toes including the sole area? and it wobbles about and really stings? Toes like sauasages and they are so so sore because of the fluid. It is really hard now to even dress either have to wear maxi dresses or skirts, but I live in trousers and they have to be wide to hide my legs.

    Please have a look at that place I said about they go up to a size 15 and do really wide fitting shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, think it is an EEEEEEEE, they go to. They are cheaper in the sales but not so much choice, if there is they go very quickly. Like yourself I am on D.L.A, and have to think long and hard about any purchase for myself. Most of the time I will just manage.

    Please let us know what you think to them.

    Wishing you well and take care..............xx

  • i will look at that place again. but at the moment by foot at swelled up and red rash. but will look

  • Bless you caroline-din, have you got antibiotics? If not then make appointment to see your doctor, urgently. xxxxx

  • I cannot get to the doctors none of my shoes can get on at the moment. going to ask him to refer me to a clinic who specializes in lymphedema

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