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could i have some advice please


hi everybody i was wondering if anybody with lympheodema in the leg and grion area

who cycles could advise me. I cycle a easy route of 40 mins daily wearing compression,

this is relatively easy for me fitness wise as before cancer i cycled one and a half hours

daily to keep fit. It does cause me to swell more but im told to continue as the excess

swelling does go down over night. Ive been trying out wearing two pairs of compression

tights whilst im on bike, it feels like im much more supported however they do cut in

behind the knees it doesnt hurt but i can definatly feel it. Is there such a thing as the

legs being too compressed to stop the fluid being pushed up the leg ? Im not sure wether

im doing the right thing wearing two pairs i dont want the support to be too tight and

making things worse.

Has anybody tried doubling up on compression whilst excercising?

Alison x

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I bike about 100 miles a week and have left leg lymphedema. I wear a whole leg compression garment and also wear knee high compression socks over that for added compression in the lower leg. seems to work ok for me so far. I dont see why you cant wear on extra layer of compression although it may be tough from a stanpoint of limb mobility if its around the knee or thigh. Patti

Thanks for your reply wow 100 miles a week thats impressive !!!!!

Ill continue to double up im really enjoying be back out on the bike since my op ive

been indoors on a static bike its so much more enjoyable being outdoors.

thanks again take care

Alison x

Hi Alison, many people double or even triple layer their compression, as you get the greatest pressure over the ankle, it shouldn't be too much as it reduces the further up the leg you go. It may help to have silk pockets or a small pad behind the knees to stop it rubbing. Or try a higher compression flat knit garment to hole better, thats assuming you are double layering with circular knit and are also in the correct size and length of garments. I hope this helps, kind regards

Thanks it does help i was measured by the lympheodema nurse who massages me

the tights are a tad too long im in between sizes so they tend to gather a little

behind the knee through the day so i need to keep pulling them up.Thats a good idea

about a pad behind knee many thanks

Alison x

Hi tilledawn i went for a bike ride last night doubled compression and put a piece

of material behind knees it really helped many thanks x



I have lymphoedema in my left arm and wear double compression whilst cycling and it does not seem to do any harm. However it sounds as though yours is too tight. Try speaking to your doctor or lymphoedema specialist about it. Good Luck.

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Thanks for your reply im seeing her tomorrow and will mention it

Many thanks Alison x

Thanks for your reply i wear class 3medivan tights everyday but when i work i wear my own

cycling shorts or tight knickers on top with a sponge insert around the grion area. when ive been cycling outsie ive been trying two pairs of the class 3 tights for extra support. Ive never heard

of IPC therepy i will follow the link many thanks.

Alison x

Just be aware that there are different types of IPC pump. A pump with a reverse flow that clears proximal to distal is recommended for use in lymphoedema. Pumps also vary in price so do your homework before committing. With regards to you your tights a made to measure option may be fit better in length and reduce the friction and gathering at the back of your knees.

Thanks ill talk to the nurse who orders my tights. I very confused about all the

different types of pumps. The lympha press looks good to but i would need the one

that your whole lower body is covered ive no idea what these costs and proberly never

going tp be able to afford it i can only work mornings now.x

Alison x

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