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Vocal cord growth and ulceration

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Hi, has anyone been diagnosed with vocal cord growth and ulceration? Have had worsening hoarseness for 3 months. Docs treated infections, thought it may be from coughing and budesonide in nebulizer. Sent to ENT who found growth on right vocal cord and ulcerations. Need biopsy.

I wonder if the daily bouts of spasms and coughing could cause this. Any thoughts??

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Hi My Neighbor has a Polyp on her Vocal Cords & she has been hoarse for a while now, Never knew why until she was about to have Hand Surgery & already in the OR & they had to call in an Emergency ENT Dr. cause she was w/o oxygen for a few minutes Cause the Anesthesiologist had problems w/the tube! She stayed overnight @ that hospital & Hand Surgery was Canceled under Anesthesia, but she got that done a few weeks later @ the Dr.'s office an Less Invasive procedure w/o being knocked out!

Took her to a OTOLARYNGOLOGIST Dr. Joel Portnoy (he's been on Dr. Oz) he's one of the BEST for Vocal Cord Surgery which she's got Scheduled for November & then will Need Vocal Cord Therapy! Hope you're feeling better!

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MahodAsthma Captain in reply to LuvJadeBloomEOS

Thank you!!! I am so happy to hear your friend will be on the mend soon.

Praying for your friend and full recovery of her voice!! Take care.


Thanks Mary 😊 I Hope you're feeling better too! I forgot to mention her ENT Dr. prescribed her Omeprazole to take for Acid Reflux & she also has Sleep 😴 Apnea so they can't give her Pain RX'S!

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Hi again!

My doc gave me omeprazole as well, and fluconazole for hoarseness and difficulty talking. Suspected thrush in larynx due to budesonide used in nebulizer. He added the Omeprazole for acid reflux too. I had no signs, but he was erring on the cautious side due to the steroids and possible symptomless acid reflux. If things did not improve the next step was a trip to ENT and scope.

Does your friend have ear and neck pain, more ear, with the growth?

I really appreciate your responses.

Praying for your friend!



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MahodAsthma Captain in reply to LuvJadeBloomEOS

Thank you!

I was sent to ENT. Neoplasm on right vocal cord. Biopsy scheduled. Scans of neck came back great! No involvement in other parts of airways or surrounding lymph glands

Am using apple cider. Thank you for the suggestion and great links!!!


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MahodAsthma Captain

Good news!! Biopsy benign! Don't have full pathology report. Meet with doc in 2 weeks. Letting biopsy heal before determining treatment.

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