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Summer asthma flare up


Hello everyone

I was just wondering if anyone had an advise on how to calm your asthma in summer from allergies I’m reallt suffering this year ☹️

I find I get wheezy, can’t catch my breath, coughing (and because of the current situation of the world I got worried when it began) always worse in the morning and evenings.

I spoke to 111 and they’ve recommended me to carry on taking my brown inhaler twice daily and blue inhaler when needed and I’ve been given steroids for next 5 days to help and I have to self isolate before I can go to my gp!

I would appreciate any advice 😊

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Sounds like a tough spot! My allergies are way worse this year, affecting my asthma, too. I have a whole regimin. Daily antihistamines orally and nasally. Sinus rinses with steroids twice a day. I try to avoid being outside after 10am because my symptoms get worse after that. I used to use essential oils to help open my lungs before I was diagnosed. My current maintenance (Breo) inhaler replaced that. I use my rescue about 3x a week. My pulmonologist is having me get allergy tested and then shots to hopefully reduce the allergies and keep more from developing.

I find that stress and anxiety play a role in how tight my chest gets. There is an app for 4-7-8 breathing that helps a ton! Without knowing all the details of what you are doing, it might be helpful to try putting your head in the freezer for a minute. (I've found that the shock of cold can help - told about this trick for my daughter with athsma). Cold water face rinse anytime you think you went some place with allergens. Hot tea to drink. I know they want you to wait to be seen, but if it gets bad, go to urgent care or someplace that can help. I don't know where you are, but here I can get a covid test and results in about 3 days. Might be worth it for quicker treatment.

I hope you can breathe easy soon!

Jax93 in reply to TwitterLVT

Thank you for your advice!

I have actually done a home covid test just waiting for results

I had a video call yesterday with my doctor after posting this and from what she saw she said I’m ‘air hungry’ been reading up on it and she prescribed me antibiotics so hopefully those and the steroids will kick in!

Honestly the worst asthma and allergies!

MahodAsthma Captain

Hello, my pulmonologist recommended I mask( a high particulate filter) when outside. Also put me on Singulair at night. I'm on nebulizer meds, but do carry a rescue inhaler.

A friend suggested a portable air purifier in bedroom. That helps too.

Lots of water to thin mucous. It's a tough year for allergies, I didn't have a severe flare for couple of years. I have had a couple this year. Doc gave short term steroids too.

You might consider getting allergy testing.

Take care🙏🙏🙏


Jax93 in reply to Mahod


I’ve just got an air purifier! I’ve found I’ve slept better! Which is great!

Yeah I need to go see my doctor once my cough has gone/got covid results back other wise they won’t see me :(

Thank you ☺️


Good Morning Jax93

Are you taking any allergy medication to help with your allergies?

I take singular at bedtime, in the morning I take allergy pill in the (Claritin) and Zyrtec D in the p.m. I also have COPD so I also useAdvair inhaler in twice a day, and Spiriva once a day. I was doing Albuterole nebulizer treatment daily, but since I’ve been on Nucala (monthly) I only need the nebuelizer once a week at most. I also rarely use res use inhaler

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