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Does anyone with health anxiety panic when they get hurt? I got hurt this morning nothing major and first thing felt like I was going to pass out and got sick at stomach how do you deal with it.

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Hello :-)

Yes I think it is part of HA as once we register we have hurt ourselves the dreaded fear comes in , I know it happens to me :-)

Take Care x

Tirana09 in reply to lulu-1

Thanks because I am still having issues especially dizziness it may take a bit to calm down I guess

lulu-1 in reply to Tirana09

Hello :-)

It is quite normal

Calming down is so hard I do understand I have dreadful HA at the moment

Know you are not alone and eventually this will pass :-) x

Yes I get that...I had a sports injury a few weeks ago and I was thinking all sorts! I knew it was from what I had been doing but when the injury started to drag on I started to panic even more!! Hate health anxiety! ☹️

everyone with HA Gets this .your not alone Tirana09


So nice to read comments that relate to exactly how I feel (I wouldn't wish it on anyone, It's so hard to reassure yourself with the normal, I'm not going to die, when you believe that everything you feel is something really serious, my Mum died when she was 38, so I think if she died at an early age then I can't take health for granted etc and have the horrible feeling of why wouldn't I get something serious.... Everyone keeps asking what I'm so anxious about, and I keep telling them it's health related.... nobody seems to get me.... So happy I've found this group today, makes me feel less alone.... We can beat it! I'll try to remember everyones friendly helpful answers when it comes on again x

Tirana09 in reply to Maisie2020

Your never alone remember you have all of us and we experience on a daily basis I have had headaches for three weeks now mostly due to stress but I constantly am thinking I have something bad wrong even tho the doctor said nothing was HA is awful at times but as long as I try to remember I ain't the only one it gets some easier hang in there

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