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Anxiety and impatience

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I get anxious when I want something important to happen (like to buy a laptop for my kiddo that he needs for school) and I become impatient about it as I get afraid it won’t happen .i pretty much know he will get it before school but any doubt in my mind and then that’s all I can think about... I have to be in constant action and I try to be in the present moment and breathe through it but it gets tiring trying so I let anxiety be and run it’s course. I’m tired of struggling.

Can anyone relate?

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Yes indeed, Starr... because you're a good Mom.

And the situation worldwide is taking a toll on many.

Hope u know there is an end in sight. But we all want it now.

Patience will be rewarded ...

Oh thank you Newbie! ❤️

Absolutely! Anxiety is a normal reaction. You and I get More anxious than the average person. And I 100% know what that feels like. Keep living your best life my friend. You ate doing excellent. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the nerves. You are giving the brain the "hi 5" to do it again in a safe way. Nice!

Thanks for being with me. It’s hard to but I’ll try giving myself credit.

It's very hard when the thoughts just hit. I get it. That happens to the best of us. Some days I fight the good fight & other days I just "be"and that's ok too. This isolation thing has been hard bc my mood is not good but I know doing more activity and exercise helps. I think you dont give yourself enough credit. Can u do me a favor? Can you jot down things that you like about yourself and right them down? Set aside about 5 mins everyday and repeat. After a period of time your brain picks up these messages and they will pop up out of nowhere in your mind. Positive messages link up to positive thoughts. It's a pathway. Try that. It works

Ok thanks I will. Makes sense. We can train our brains. I hate the intrusive thoughts. I’m trying to sit with them notice and not avoid them because tgey are there for a reason, coming from an unconscious anxiety.

I can definetly relate to your feeling.

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I’m sorry you do

Yes I can relate. One thing I think about is it’s hard to have gratitude and anxiety at the same time. I try to think about all the things I do have. Like looking around my house and saying It could be worse . At least I have a bed to sleep in ,a roof over my head. Some people don’t, etc.. stuff like that... Sometimes that brings me back to the present ...Like maybe even making a list of all things I do have if possible a gratitude list. Hope that helps any!

Beautiful. I feel bad a lot when I can’t seem to be grateful. I try. Sounds like u r good at recognizing blessings. We are all blessed in some way. I think the more grateful we. And the more we start noticing more and more to be grateful for.

I get frustrated a lot and anxious. I try to remember it could be worse . Sometimes I forget it’s hard don’t get me wrong . Maybe write it on index cards and put it on the mirror or somewhere you’ll see it. “ It could be worse!”

That so much helps me too, to remember it can be worse! ❤️

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