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How much my life is difficult

Hi all here. First of all i m thankful to you in advance. I try to write as short and dont waste your time.

I m 38 year old male from Pakistan. Five year ago cardiologist did my EPS to reduce my heart beat. Then i became fine. Now it about 4 year i have one problem. My heart is sinking its feels ut is droping and it is going to fail. I feel it is so weak and cannot pump oxygen rich blood. I was smoker now i quit it 3 month ago because now my heart dont tolerate it. Now in these day i m in hospital emergency in after every second day. Here is summer season. But it is not it peak.

Many cardiologist checked me. More than 400 ecg in 5 year. 6 time echo done. 3 time trademill stress test. Blood tests many times. CT angio two times.

Most time i go in hospital emergency due to this hesrt sinking problem. They took ecg and its always almost normal. They said you have anxiety. More thank one cardiologist checked me and said i have anxiety. In 5 years 4 time my ecg became not normal. They admitt me and after some hours they again took my ecg and it became normal.

On trademill or stress test i always unsuccessful because i cannot run. I show it to my cardiologist he said you r fine. I run only 5 mint with 6 mile per hour level. When i walk in park or pick any load or any weight about 3 kg and then do rest. My heart start to sinking. Its like my heart felling difficulty to become its normal place after exercise. I became breathless. I told it many time to doctors but they dont notice it. I spend all my money on doctors tests medicine. I m jobless. No government support i have. Now when i m writting i m on bed.

Heart sinking mean i explain you by an example. If you experienced travelling in aero plane and its start landing from 34000 feel your heart goes down or sinking. My heart start sinking without any reason.

Five year ago cardiologist did my CT Angio and its result was " normal alteries study" but now they did again after five years and its now result is " unobstructive arteries study". I debate about normal and unobstructive, they said it mean same no need to worry. More than one cardiologist said me no need to worry. Normal and unobstructive mean is same. But my mind still dont believe on them. I think my arteries has problem or it has plaque.

I think doctors cannot diagonosied that what problem i have. Or they are waiting for my heart attack. I always feel heavyness on chest. Incomfortable chest. A wave become in my chest and back vein icannot explain it how werid it is. It make me frightened. Other specialist doctors also checked me like stomach plumory etc. All said i have anxiety but i dont believe. I satisified with my life. My only worry is my heart.

Doctors said you think about heart so it sinking but i told them more than 200 times that when i have no worry i was not thinking about heart i was in happy mood it began sinking. My main problem is heart dont bear stress or walk or exercise.

I request all of you please tell me and suggessed me what i do. How doctors will believe me. Is there any resourse i can consult with any british or europeon or smerican doctors free. I mean without fee.

I believe they are well qualified as compare to our doctors. My life is ruined. No happyness in my life. I cannot stand. If i stand my heart start sinking.

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Unobstructive means your arteries in your heart are clear. There is no plaque build up whatsoever so i think there is no need to worry and be overly anxious about your heart. Relax Want to live.


how I you. Today my condition is so bad. I m going breathless even walk some step or go in bath room. My cardiologist give me time on monday. But i m afraid how i passed these 4 days. do you think my all symptoms are due to metoprolol. First three month it did give any side effects now it starting side effect about from two or three weeks.

my cardiologist dont practice in other city that is one hour drive. One cardiologist pratice in my city. My msin problem is breathless. I dont know what problem i have like lungs problem etc. I m afraid on running trademill. Do you think i have to forcefully run for disgonoised my problem. I m afraid I got heart fail during running. Here in Pakistan every hospital has its own rules of trademil ETT test. Some said you have to run full level of speed. Some said as much u run easily u run and then stop the machine. Some said when heartbeat goes 150 your test is over.

Now i m worry about my chest stiffness or pain pain in my throat and neck veins. All times i try to do pray to Allah. I dont know is it irregular heart beat when i life weight or stress. Why i have so much breathless problem.

I m really thankful to you. You helping me and advising . May ALLAH give you happy healthy life. Live you happy with your husband kids. Have A safe life ahead.


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