Is it my mind??

All my anxiety became worse after a night out last sat. Sunday my heart was doing intervals of rapid heartbeats throughout the day and I felt like I was going to die. They did a lot of tests all normal :). But d dimer was a lil off. I was put on atenolol once per day. And my visit Friday because I had a big sense of doom they put me on atavin.

I got of th atenolol so I could take pain meds but the heartbeat went crazy again. :( back on it again.

Will I ever be able to come of it?

Atavin I take it as needed already taken it 3 times since yesterday my sense of doom keeps coming up.

My chest even with these meds I still feel heart palps or this uneasiness on my chest.

Anotherthing that sets me off is my wrist is sprained or something but it hurts a lot and I'm afraid it's a blood clot since I tested positive for a clot.

I'm hating life right now

I want tone better:(

Someone please tell me something



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  • In a word - Yes! I believe the mind is a very powerful organ. It can make you focus on things in a really negative way. I do it too. It makes me do things I would never do if i was being positive and thinking "Oh sod it! (or words to that effect!) Whats the worst that can happen?" I get an email when i expressed and interest in a website called I think it sells a book or some concept but you can subscribe to emails and I must admit I have found them useful and pretty right in what they say.

    Have a go at hypnotherapy - I found that helped me. It taught me how to manage my anxieties. Unfortunately, Ive not got rid of them but I did find it helped calm me and bring things into perspective.

    I do wish you better.


  • Thank you Sue,

    For your reccomandations,

    I'll be trying the sight and ask about hypnotherapy, the doctors kept telling me I have some hidden anxieties that are keeping me like this. :(

    I just don't know what other then my fear of dieing on my kids.

    Thank you again



  • Anxiety and especially health anxiety is a nasty thing Yaz. You're going through it at the moment and believe me I know just how you feel. Every ache is something major - I've been there.

    Try and distract yourself with the TV or a book or music and try and remember it's all in your head - not your body!

  • Thank you Bramwell,

    I'm in a rut just thinking the worst you right I should distract myself :)



  • It's easier said than done - I know. But you do find in most cases that if you do something else the problems you are experiencing goes away. Put the radio/ cd on - sing madly! Make cake. Do yoga / pilates - good for stress/ relaxation.

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